Mocking Bird

Same here, beat me to it. Less crass, same idea. I like Yelling Bird better…

Oh wow, a sarcastic shirt. That’s so edgy!

Ah, apparently he’s already caught wind of it.

I completely agree. Only 365 shirts (fewer counting for the random shirt days) are released per year. It’s sad that one of those days was reserved for this.

is it mocking itself?

Oooh, one of those I want to start a fight w/ you shirts…

Wow, you totally beat me to the QC link. Here’s another Yelling Bird comic:

I hope the bird’s sarcasm doesn’t “fly” over anyone’s head.

Oh yeah! Well your a shirt on shirt selling site! Now who’s original!?!

I showed him…

What a disappointment…

HAHAHAHA love it.

So, if I wear this, will the bird tattle me for being a concept that’s already out there? Then, when I explain that I am indeed meant to be a joke, he’ll just tell me I’m making a ‘strawman argument’…and then he’ll poop on my shoe?



All that aside, this is hilarious. I think I voted highly for it at another venue. :slight_smile:

Thumbs down.

Put yelling bird saying that on a shirt and you’ve got yourself a deal.

I think I’d rather have the real Yelling Bird on a shirt.

Cute bird.

I guess it’s better than if they’d gone with “ox pecker” instead.

LOL, I think I remember this one being on Threadless. Back when I still had time to look around. I rather like the joke on it but something about the art bothers me. I think I’d like the bird to have a little more shading.

I’m not going to comment on the shirt, Except to say that yesterday
I was thinking that “I’m so glad tomorrow shirt might be better.” then this came up.

Yelling bird is too X-rated for woot.

I swear though, he has some of the best comments from time to time.