Model Power Postage Stamp Planes

I have the F/A-18 one sitting on my desk at work. I think I got it for around $16 in a store so this is a better deal. It’s pretty heavy duty. Solid metal piece.

Why does the Messerschmitt have a USA decal? Are they squeamish about selling things with swastikas on them, even if the USA was not, historically speaking, flying German-made jets in World War II?

As a follow up, how “disassembled” are these when they arrive? In other words, can I assemble this and choose not to put the wrong decal on it?

Not very.

Just put the display stand together (2 pieces), and then the aircraft on the stand.

That’s the first thing I noticed too. Thats a fail in my book.

I wonder if this company has a ME-109 for sale.

Maybe squeamish on swastika, who knows, but it still has the Iron Cross on the wing. However, it is historically accurate to have American insignia as the Americans captured, rebuilt, and flew Me-262’s after the Germans surrendered. Thus not a ‘Fail’ as another poster has claimed.

Look up “Watson’s Whizzers” if you want to read up on it. Photos exist of a plane that looks just like this one.

This site has images to provide a sense of scale

Why the AV-8B says that is a 1/130 scale when the picture it shows 1/140 at the base. By the way, the name is incorrect, that is not a Harrier II, is just plain Harrier. Harrier II has a FLIR module on top of the nose which this model does not have.

I also got a few of these for my kids last Christmas. They’re sturdy enough.

My dad was a B-24 pilot stationed in the UK, and later (1944) Italy. On a mission, he marveled at the flying skills of an ME-109 pilot (and the agility of the ME-109) who performed a perfect “split ess” maneuver directly in front of Dad’s plane before one of his gunners shot the ME-109 out of the sky. Dad said that to this day (a few years ago at the AF Museum in Dayton) he sincerely hoped that highly skilled pilot made it out OK and that the guy’s 'chute delivered him safely to the ground.

Come out with ships particularly the USS Independence CVA-62 and I’ll buy it! With a full complement of aircraft on deck.