Modern Bedding

What color is the comforter in the Lorna 8-Pc Comforter Set?

It’s gray.


What color is the hayloft duvet cover? It appears to be a black with red/brown undertones?

Is this reversible? I like the patterned side better, but can’t tell if it covers the entire backside. Are there any pictures more close up of this pattern? Thanks!

Per the vendor, it id black and gray, with black being the prominent color on the outside.

We did not get samples so we can’t get more photos. What one are you looking at?

Sorry, I meant for the Lorna 8-Pc Comforter Set-2 Sizes.

Per the vendor: Yes, Lorna is reversible, the other side is printed.

Hope that helps.

Re: the Hayloft pillow…can anyone confirm the size? Description says 6.9" x 13.7", but from the picture it seems like it would be double those dimensions (unless that is a tiny bed…)

Good catch. The real dimensions are

L 42”
W 7”
H 17”

Sale should be fixed soon.

Fab. Thanks!

regular retail $499? i doubt it. come on woot we’re not that dumb.