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Does the Greyson Chest have wood veneers like the Element Chest?

What I found out:
Constructed from Tropical Mahogany solid wood and Mahogany wood veneers

The art prints aren’t such a great deal, given the prices (for giclee prints) at

I’m confused about the element dresser, does it come with the element mirror? If it does, can the mirror be detached from the dresser and used elsewhere?

Sorry for the late reply.

According to the specifications, the Element Dresser should only come with the dresser and not the matching mirror. The mirror was included in the sales pics to depict the completion of the set.

I’ve notified Woot Staff to verify.

Thanks for the inquiry!

How much of it do you have to put together?

The mirrors and dressers are sold separately, photos in the sale may just be showing potential set ups, but we should be more clear in “in the box” and specs info.

Greyson is all Mahogany solid wood with tongue and groove planking on the tops and sides. Only the back panel is engineered wood and the drawer bottom, which is engineered wood with wood veneer. Headboard and footboard are all solid wood. The mattress support is engineered wood.

We ordered the brunswick linen platform bed recently and for one never got a confirmation tracking number and then it arrived last week and the headboard is correct but the slats and rails don’t match. Has anyone else run into this? Did woot get back to you? We still haven’t received any word from woot on how to return it.

Thanks! Holly

We ordered the Brunswick Linen platform bed in King and have not received shipping details nor the bed. I have contacted Woot 3 separate times and have received one response. I ordered it on 8/1/14 and the shipping was SUPPOSED to be 3-8 business days, not including the day it was ordered. I’m really frustrated and disappointed because I am leaving the country in 3 days and will be gone for a month with nobody to await the shipment. I never expected it to be a month long process when I ordered it. I hope I don’t run in to the same issue as you if I do happen to receive it before I leave.

I’m sorry for the delay. Heavy & large items usually ship freight which takes a long. That said, you should have tracking, I’d think. I’ll add you to my afternoon report so CS can look into it.

I ordered a dresser and have no tracking number as well – order date on the 1st with no status. My phone number has since changed on the shipping address so if the delivery has to be scheduled I won’t get the call…

I’m in the exact same boat. ordered the 1st, no tracking…

Hi all. As noted on the sale, these ship in 3-4 weeks (freight). However, I’ll add you to my afternoon report so CS can look into it.

No furniture, no status, no responses from Woot customer service despite multiple contacts about this. Best invisible furniture I’ve ever had.

Same here, and zero response from Woot despite multiple e-mails to customer service. Not cool, Woot.
BTW, I’ve received multiple e-mails claiming that the items have shipped, with a speed of 3-8 business days. The tracking numbers all show that the only things actually shipped were the small items I ordered along with the furniture. Would be nice if we could get some consistent information. Heck, information at all would be good.

Is there any update on this? It will be four weeks this Friday since I purchased this. Do you know if my phone number changing will impact delivery? Since this is a large item I assumed the delivery would have to be scheduled.

I’m not sure why these have yet to ship out.

I’ll go ahead and forward your post and information along to Woot Staff to help investigate the issue.

Thank you for your continued patience during this matter.

I’m still waiting for an update on my purchase as well. I ordered my stuff on July 31st so today makes 4 weeks yet it still says shipping now. I’m going out of town next week for two weeks and would love to get my furniture before I leave.