Modern Elephants

Watch out for the digital poop!



581 votes got first place in this one? Man that no penguins/bunnies rule is killing people at the polls.

I don’t think of them as elephants so much, as I do a support group of 1-armed Octopuses(with tails).

Very playful. Invisible legs nice touch.

Would that be the north poll, or the south poll?

Is Woot allow to take a vacation??

Lol- Merry Christmakwanzkah guys!!

Congrats, Schrobblehead! Nice to see another Texas Woot artist getting some printing :D. High 5, y’all! (waves from Austin)

I do like that these elephants seem to have a diverse genetic pool. Some big ears, some small ears. Horray DNA pool! (they live in pools, right?)

If they live in pools, then they must be olympic sized pools and not the kiddie variety.

I don’t see the marshmallow tusks?

I really wish these were pink elephants so that I could be nostalgic and remember a beloved Disney character getting totally wasted.

Only 581 votes for 1st? Wow…

I don’t like this. It reminds me of a recurring nightmare I had as a child. :confused:

Possibly many people just weren’t into the designs offered, or another explination is that the people were too busy with the Christmas season to check in on woot. I know that I didn’t follow the progress of this derby as much as I had many of the other ones.

If that was your nightmare I’d hate to know what a happy dream was like :smiley:

Be warned this holiday season: one in four gifts are white elephant. The more you know…

If you cover up the trunk and tail, they almost look like antique televisions!