Modern Myths II

Amazing! But no love for Hal, or John? (Or even Jonn?)

Ok, let’s see who we’ve got here:

Hermes = The Flash

Zeus = Superman

Hades = Batman

Poseidon = Aquaman

Athena = Wonder Woman

Clearly none of the Lanterns could be represented in the design because the shirt is printed in yellow.

Thank you for the quick reference. Saved me a lot of time.

Are you sure that Batman isn’t Ares?

Yeah, that’s entirely likely, the shield is quite war-like isn’t it? I guess the helmet seemed skullish enough to me to suggest Hades rather than Ares.

I’m totally digging the amalgamation.

I feel that Captain Marvel would be a better Zeus. I mean the guy has Zeus’ bolts after all.

Classy interpretation.

It helps that wikipedia urls are so predictable. :slight_smile:

I had the same thought. When I first saw it I assumed it was Ares. Hades never gets any love.

Comic book geek goes Greek. I like.

I’m guessing these are all characters from one “universe” since no one is getting horrified over DC/Marvel crossovers. Hmm, yeah, I think these are all DC.

ETA: found MMI, also by Steven Lefcourt. hint, it was more video gamey. Got a theme going here, eh Steve. :slight_smile:

Now we need a greek association with marvel…
Josh Whedon is complaining.

This is pretty sweet. I love the classical look and will likely pick on up tomorrow after I get paid.

Thanks all!

Originally, Batman was going to be a straight up Hades amalgamation. There was some fun iconographic interplay with Hades bi-dent being the source of Batman’s cowl “horns” because when Hades sat at his throne he kept the bi-dent behind him and that created the image of 2 horns on his head.

I couldn’t make the idea work on its own, so he’s an amalgam of both Hades and Ares, using some vague references to imagery of sculptures of both.

Perhaps a Modern Myths III will happen some day, assuming I have a good idea for it. I don’t want to let Joss down…although, it would be kinda weird to make Thor a Greek god, haha.

Sitting here wearing the original Modern Myths trying not to buy another t-shirt… must… not … break … closet…

Ah, what the hell. ::bought::

Great design work, but you lost me when you went DC over Marvel…

Holding out for Modern Myths III…

I was really trying not to buy shirts right now but I need this for my Justice League shirt collection.