Modern Myths III





Can we have post-modern myths next week?


Excellent colors, my favorite of Steven Lefcourt’s Modern Myths and (I think) a must have for Captain America fans…


To the write up"


Hey, it’s Captain Americus!


The Captain vs. Hydra with a Grecian twist. Well Hydra was after all from Greek Mythology. Nice.


εκδικητές συγκεντρώσει!




Just want to say thanks, everyone. The Modern Myths series has been one of my favorite things to do, what with my love of mythology and pop culture. I’m amazed I have gotten to make it a trilogy, but sad I didn’t add an emo dance number.


Cut off one sleeve and two more will grow back.
Cut off two sleeves and you have a muscle top.
This is a very apt mash-up of the myth/superhero congruence with some great drawing details.


Hindu Mythology also has a similar narrative of Krishna as a child subduing the evil snake Kaliya in the Yamuna river

Very interesting graphic.



Really dig this series- Grats on the print, Steven!


Capt’n Americawesome!


Black-figure, Red-figure and now Athenian 4-color comic. Way to keep it fresh. :slight_smile:


A non-lame Captain? Count me in!


Cute skirt, bro.


I absolutely love the colors on this.


It’s been a while since greek class, but that does say “Avengers Assemble,” right? That’s freaking AWESOME!!!


That is what came out from Google Translate from “Avengers Assemble,” but it’s all Greek to me.