Modus Bedroom Furniture

Hi! Can anyone tell me what the weight capacity for the Modus Solid Mahogany Platform Bed is?

Does anyone know how easy lifting the mattress is to get to the storage area?

Can a california king fit the king size bed frame?

Do they offer a King size? These are gorgeous!

When asking weight capacities on furniture, it’s important to note that they only test to minimum guidelines as set forth by government regulations.

That said, the vendor has the following info:

They have been tested with the following distributed load capacities:

Twin 500 lbs
Full 700 lbs
Queen/King 800 lbs

The beds may be able to support more weight but they have not been tested and are not warranted for use with heavier loads.

From the vendor:

The mattress lift is assisted by hydraulic pistons similar to those used on the trunk of a hatchback or SUV. The amount of force required to lift the mattress depends on the weight of the mattress. Generally speaking, the mattress lifts with 5-20 lbs of force. Even with a 300 lb mattress the force required to lift it should be under 40 lbs.

how about that dark red comforter? beautiful. how do i get one?

If you are asking about the ivory Mambo - I would like to know the same thing.

Or alternatively - I really like the chocolate Tiffany if that can be obtained as a calking ( which I doubt or they would have listed it!)

What is the scent of the “premium fragrance” stone candles.

It depends on the bed frame.

As you can see, a C-King is more narrow but longer than a regular King.

Unless it specifically says that it will fit a C-King, it does not.

When Woot has furniture and art, I feel like I’m playing The Sims, shopping for new stuff to make the people in my house happier.

Overstock has the storage bed in king size for $500.

ETA- They have the Tiffany bed without the platform/storage portion.