Moen Faucets: Good Moen-ing

Got the Flagstone bathroom faucet the last time it was offered. Notes for the instructions: 1) the washer that it says goes on the outside of the ball in the drain does not exist, and apparently is not needed. The one that goes inside the ball is pre-mounted into the plastic drain piece. 2) There is a washer that is not in the instructions. It goes between the plastic drain piece and the metal drain piece. It is needed to make the drain popup work right. 3) I had to tighten the daylights out of the drain nut to make it not leak.

Once done, it seems to work OK, but not impressed with the quality.

EEK! So. Much. Chrome.

Picked up the Capstone Kitchen faucet and sprayer last time around.
It fell apart within 2 weeks. Not impressed at all.

The handles for turning on hot/cold water are very loose now and wobble whenever you touch them. All fittings are tight, but the handles just wobble around like pieces of junk.

At first it was just the hot handle, and I thought maybe someone smashed a pan into it or something, but the cold handle followed fairly quickly, and fell apart when I was simply turning on the cold water.

I really didn’t feel like dealing with returning it, since I foolishly threw out my original faucet. Besides the annoyance and embarrassment of having a cheap POS in my kitchen, it functions and doesn’t leak.

Just thought I’d mention the excellent customer service Moen provides. They have always been very helpful every time I have called (after 15 years the cartridges and several other parts eventually needed replacing in several faucets). I would cite them as the epitamy of good customer service.