MoGo Talk XD Headset & Case System for iPhone 4

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Anyone got one and can comment on how well the weird earpiece shape works? Especially for staying in while walking/sprinting across city streets?

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For those luddites that have the iPhone 3/3gs, [from the same town as our dear woot] has it for $29.95 here:

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So - does the case itself have a battery in it to charge the earpiece? Does it run off the iphone power? Does the case double as a backup battery? B/C if so i’d buy it.

Here’s the manual.

Nope, Nope & Nope.

I’m not feeling the love. You take an elegant, thin phone, and put it into a hugely clunky case, and you can’t charge the earpiece without the case? I see the concept (can’t separate the ear piece from its phone), but that doesn’t mesh well with “pairs with 5 devices.” I’m not sure I want to stick a shovel shaped earpiece into my ear, either.

Waaait a minit. So this is a case too. A case that screws with my docking perfection?


Regarding your first objection:

I don’t have an iPhone, but I do have an iPod Touch - i.e. an iPhone with all but the phone capability (to be honest, it’s 3rd gen and lacks the camera, but that’s not relevant here). It also has that elegant, thin form you speak of. When I first got it, I saw the need to protect it, but I didn’t want to sacrifice that form, so I got a thin silicone case that covered the back and used a screen protector.

Then I saw a couple of friends/relatives do damage to their Touches/iPhones, and I started to think it would be a good idea to have more protection. Now, I usually use a leather case that protects both sides, or a thicker silicone case that carries earbuds too. Both cases make the device considerably thicker, but I find I don’t mind at all. It still slips neatly in my pocket, usually next to my wallet.

I know not everyone would feel the same way. But the added thickness is a tradeoff for added protection, and many people would find that worthwhile. And this adds Bluetooth, earbuds, and charging capabilities too.

Why a company would double the thickness of a phone without adding an additional battery is beyond me.

Plus that earpiece looks ridiculously uncomfortable…

XBOX does not have bluetooth by default

That’s for for iPhone 3G and 3GS.

Not A2DP, so you won’t be able to hear your iPhone music via bluetooth. But a good idea for starters.

my way of thinking too. I bought the otterbox case and cover, and while it does protect it I hated the extra weight and the clip(that I find most important)suxez. this doesn’t look any better. plus as said before my iner ear doesn’t look like that.

I have one of these. It has a bunch of ear pieces to choose from like other headsets. I found one that fits. Stick it in your ear and toggle the headset back against your face. Works ok.

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