Mohini Indian Fusion Spices - 4 Pack

Mohini Indian Fusion Spices - 4 Pack
$19.99 + $5 shipping
CONDITION: Gluten Free
1 Tandoori Curry Blend 2.375oz Jar
1 Poultry Curry Blend 2.25oz Jar
1 Vegetable Curry Blend 2.125oz Jar
1 Spicy Pepper Blend 2.125oz Jar

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and here i have mulligatawny madness going down - on the stove not the tv

oh wine.woot irony

Same price and selection from a month ago:

I got this last month when it was on here and these spices are awesome so far!

Got 'em last time, have only used the chicken one so far. It’s excellent.

Way overpriced. If you have even a tiny Desi community around where you live I’m sure there is an ethnic grocery store tucked away nearby with fresh spices available for a fraction of the price you would pay in your normal supermarket. The quantity is usually overwhelming, but you can freeze most of it for later use.

Has anyone tried these yet?

I’m in luck! SWMBO doesn’t care for Curry or Indian spices (I know, she’s a little kooky), so I don’t have to go in on this one!

Any peyote in these?

Awesome Spices – Great People

The pack I got are all super tasty

See how helpful Mohini was last time

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YES…I can not even stand the smell or taste of curry. I am officially off for at least an hour. I have really enjoyed this Woot Off. One of the best!!!

Altogether these spice blends would total $31.46 from their website, not including shipping (which for me would be $8.50). Not a bad deal. Too bad I can’t swap out for the Chai spice blend. I’m in for one.

I got these when they were offered about 1 month ago. I think they are tasty, but be warned that the yellow (poultry) one dyed my cookie sheets, spatula, and other things yellow before I knew what happened!

Guess I will try to cook Indian food…in for one.

Eh it’s from California… It’s only legit if it’s from India or Edison, New Jersey LOL

In for one to add to the spice cabinet. The spicy one sounds very interesting. I wonder if I can just use as a rub and grill?

That would be from the tumeric.

Is there another name for a Sausage Chili? Never heard of those.

Home of “the edison museum” (sung in TMBG deep voice)?