Mohini Indian Fusion Spices - 4 Pack

Are these Kosher?

No they don’t have Kosher cert yet. I was so tempted to get this when it first came up so I will have to get it this time.

I can think of 5 middle eastern stores within close driving range from me where I can get these same spice flavors for less than $6. What makes these so expensive?

Not yet. I emailed the owner of the company and she is planning to get certification sometime soon (Spring 2011??)

You are out of control! And I support it!!!

Thank You.

Tell me about it now that I found CW and WL as my international outlet I will die a poor man.

I wanted one, but for some mysterious reason, my paypal account is not working correctly. Have used it earlier this month w/o problem so this seems bizarre. Oh well, $25 saved, I guess.

But rich in happiness and wine!

CW killed me last week. I grabbed the Barolo and the '07 CdP. WOOT!

Wrong! It would be from the turmeric!


Set them in the sun for a couple of hours and the sun should fade away the stains.

Poor you K1… they ascribed your joke to the guy beneath you!

Got my package today. Super impressed with the quality and flavor. I made their Chicken Curry recipe using the Poultry and Spicy One. I must say it came out as good as any Indian Restaurant I have ever eaten in and that has been many. My wife agrees. A+

My only complaint is the jars are kinda small and I wish they gave you more.

+1 fantastic!