Mohu 1080p HDTV Streaming Media and App Box

I have one of these that I bought at near retail, and I regret that I can’t recommend it. Too difficult to use, seems to have a mind of its own. Good concept, big disappointment.

I agree with above. Please check out the forums, ( and check out the issues. The idea is great and I really wanted it to work. Unfortunately, there is an inconsistent experience between apps, sometimes slow load times, many apps that refuse to install or load, and more. If all you want is an ota guide and maybe netflix, this might work well. Just make sure you know what you’re getting into.

From the Mohu Channels product page…

IMPORTANT: Mohu Channels has been discontinued and is no longer under warranty! Some third party retailers may still sell Channels units, but they are not covered by any Mohu warranty. Please contact the reseller if you have any questions.

Does this actually have an OTA digital tuner? I need a digital tuner with a HDMI for an older HD tv with only an analog tuner. Thx
Edit: After some snooping on the mohu forums it appears that it does have a tuner “Seeing as I own a projector, the Channels was the ideal device for me as it combined a TV Tuner (which most projector’s don’t have) with a low-end Android box”

We purchased these direct from Mohu so the warranty should not be an issue.

These are awesome. First off, if you want a no-hassle standalone streamer, get a Roku. If you’re interested in an OTA tuner or are want Android streaming and Kodi, read on.

First off, it’s a working OTA HDTV tuner for $30. If you have an old HDTV without a built in tuner or a computer monitor with HDMI and want OTA channels, this is a no brainer.

Even better, this is a cheap Android streamer that runs the current version of Kodi, which you can download right from the app store. Plus the QWERTY remote is perfect for Kodi. You can watch pretty much anything. One caveat – I find streaming 1080p to be choppy at times, but 720p is perfect.

As for the interface and streaming apps, this is not a Roku substitute. It does Netflix, but the Android version which is only 480p. Amazon video doesn’t work, and Sling TV is not quite as smooth as on Roku. I haven’t had much luck with Plex on this, either. As such, this is a nice complement to a Roku. I use this for OTA content and Kodi, and for all the mainstream apps, I go over to my Roku, which does everything but OTA and Kodi.

Oh, you can also use your TV as an Android web browser with this, which I never do, but that’s one more thing it does that a Roku can’t.

There’s supposed to be a way to get Amazon streaming through the browser. You need to set the Amazon browser cookie to “Flash player” or something like that. It’s hidden in the Mohu documentation somewhere.

Thanks, this is what I wanted to know.

How is the channel guide with this? I have a TV in my basement that has a tuner but I’d really like a guide to see what is actually on the air.

The channel guide is current, but sometimes I need to scroll up and down or press the refresh button to get it to display properly (especially when the unit has been restarted).

It does show what’s actually on the air, no subscription/fee required. It’s possible to rearrange the channel listings to put your favorites at the top, or to not display channels you don’t enjoy.

This thing is awesome if it is what you need. I also have a projector and needed a tuner. Perfect for that and ask the rest (wifi, apps, android…etc) Is just icing on the cake.

is sling preinstalled like on my roku?

Does anyone know if you can set-up timers for OTA? I’m using old A/D converter boxes for recording shows onto my old DVD/HDD recorders, but they are terribly unreliable. Don’t always turn on, sometimes get hung up on channels with weak signals, etc.

Never mind. Wasn’t thinking, this is too new for RCA outputs. Don’t think my DVD/HDD recorders have “HDMI in”

Bought one and it was DOA… Sigh… Hope there is support.

Does this work better than a Asus nexus player for kodi?

Mine was DOA. Called support and they did try to work with me to fix it but it was truly dead. They would not assist me further and told me only Woot could assist me at this point. So NO they do not honor the warranty!

I’m sorry. Please use the Support form linked at the top of the page to contact customer support for assistance.