Mohu 1080p HDTV Streaming Media and App Box

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Mohu 1080p HDTV Streaming Media and App Box
Price: $29.99
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Condition: New


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2/3/2016 - $29.99 (Woot Plus)

Mohu 1080p HDTV Streaming Media and App Box
Watch Streaming or Live TV
Connect to streaming apps such as Netflix and Hulu
HDTV antenna input lets you tune in to local channels in 1080p
Channel Guide organizes favorite stations
Social Media Capability
Check your social media pages on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram
Add websites to Channel Guide
Control remotely with included backlit keyboard
Model number: MH-CHBOX01
Connect via WiFi or ethernet
Requires coaxial TV antenna (not included) for local TV
Audio: Dolby 2.1, 5.1
Condition: new
Dimensions: 14”x14”x3”

In the box: Mohu device, keyboard remote control, four AAA batteries, an HDMI cable, and power adapter

If you feel you can’t decide right now, for $5 more, you can wait and buy it from Groupon within the next 24hrs.

can’t decide whether or not to pull the plug on this one… i already have an OTA antenna in the attic, only really would like a guide to show me what shows are coming up in the next few hours. anyone have any suggestions for a better product?

This is NOT an antenna; but it is a tuner. I was very excited to see this because I’ve been looking for a 1080 tuner for my projector. If you have an antenna already installed, you just need to connect the antenna to this unit and the unit to you tv (or other viewing device), and you will be able to receive over the air broadcasts as well as refer to an online over the air broadcast schedule, if that is what you were wondering.

Can we install xbmc/kodi on this device?

It may be more than i need actually - my TV(s) have built in 1080 tuners, the only thing i think i would get out of this would be a GUI programming guide.

I checked MOHU’s website, and couldn’t find anything on this.

Lifehacker appears to have a review of this product

This product has been discontinued

Actually, if you really only want is a programming guide, TV Guide has a great guide that is customizable for your area that works on iphones and ipads. Having said that, this definitely has a GUI programming guide from the description on their product page.

Thanks - i’ll have to check that out!

"Lifehacker appears to have a review of this product

The Mohu Channels Is a Streaming Box That Works Seamlessly with Antennas"

lol, I was reading the review and being a gadget guy decided to pull the trigger but . . . “sold out”. Maybe next time but thanks for the link.