Mohu 1080p HDTV Streaming Media and App Box

Does this include the remote? not in the specs

This does include the remote. The remote is pretty good…sorta like a wii controller with keyboard. The reviews for this item are HORRIBLE. It was a good idea with poor execution. I have about 3 of them and like them when the work. I couldn’t get the antenna part to pick up any stations…I’ve tried both powered and regular HDTV antenna’s. The software is pretty glitchy but it does hold my internet connection pretty well. One final word of warning…Mohu has stopped ALL support on this item. So unless your tech-savvy…pass on this.

Thanks, i was mainly going to get it for the OTA ability simply because my tv’s coax in is broken, sounds like i’ll pass then.

Don’t waste your money on this junk. I bought one recently. It didn’t work. I’m pissed Woot wouldn’t refund me.

Well, I’m glad I waited for some comments. I was going to bite the bullet simply because of the guide but now I’ll pass.

Hi there. I checked in with CS. They’ve asked you for more information and are eagerly awaiting your reply.

Hi there, I did saw the email from CS and I replied back. I haven’t heard back since then. Please ask CS to send again.

This thing is awesome. I have had no issues with ota. It’s not prefect, but for the price and my application, it’s fantastic

It has been discontinued by Mohu. Selling hot water in summer again?