Mohu Leaf 50 TV Indoor Antenna - 50 mi range

How many television sets will this unit supply a signal to? Will it, for example, take the place of the single cable or satellite input and via a splitter already in place, send the signal to up to the 5 viewing locations in my home?

Thats a good question. I have two similar units like these but have them on ONE tv per antenna. One would think, in theory, it is no different then any other antenna so there is no reason it shouldn’t supply a signal to multiple TV’s as long as you are not skimping on the splitters or coax. But, looking around online, you can find some cheaper (sorry woot). I think I paid below 30 for mine and they work great. Here’s a link to a similar product.

Oh, and I don’t think you can use the SAT splitters. Has something to do with the frequencies/ohm ratings of it’s input/outputs. Newer splitters might be different but I’d stick with the ones used by the cable guys.

Like so much else, these Chinese
antenna setups are pretty much the same.

I have one with a removable amplifying section that plugs into the USB “service” port of my TV. The flat, flexible antenna works, but so does a cheap “rabbit ears” antenna with a seconadary digital antenna in the base when it is plugged into the amp.

The rabbit ears are useless for digital, but the second bent wire that is also on the RE unit works.

Also arranging the cable to the flat antenna often influences reception.

Bottom line: no magic bullet hereor elsewhere. [Don’t know about external antenna rigs, but interior ones with doo-dads seem to be mostly cosmetic.]

Have one of these and does not work very well. Tried multiple locations. Just purchased outdoor antenna.