Mohu Leaf 50 TV Indoor Antenna - 50 mi range

I bought a 30 mile antenna (from the same company), knowing that the TV towers were 17 miles away. The antenna worked as well as no antenna at all. Every time there was wind or rain or you walked around in the room, the picture and sound faded out. I had done my research on which antenna was affordable and had good reviews. Now I wonder if the reviews were really made by customers. I would not suggest this antenna unless you like being frustrated by interruptions during the “who done it” scene…grrrrrr. My solution was to build an antenna for less than $5 via YouTube.

This antenna is fantastic - I have mine mounted on a wall that does not face outdoors, and it still works like a charm! Best TV reception ever.

Good for you for building a good antenna - I’m guessing that it’s a bow-tie style. Not everyone wants to go that deep into DIY, though.

Using a good antenna is critical for receiving OTA TV channels, now, more than ever. Since we switched from analog to digital (like HDTV) TV in the US, you might find that your TV picture is interrupted and pixelated, to perfect - all in a matter of minutes (or seconds)!

There are many factors that affect your reception of TV signals. General rules

  1. The higher above the ground, the better
  2. Aim your antenna toward the tower that is transmitting the channel that you want to receive
  3. If the amplifier doesn’t help much or at all, then the amplifier may be broken; test your antenna with and without the amplifier
  4. Spring and summertime provide their own reception challenges - e.g. - a tree that is leafless in the winter doesn’t reflect TV signals the way that the same leafy tree in the summer does; a big leafy tree between you and the TV transmitter can be a problem
  5. Weather affects signal reception (true for all radio signals), a clear windless night will probably provide better reception
  6. Watch out - many TV channels around the country will change their frequencies in the coming couple of years, and many of them will transmit on lower frequencies that necessitates a VHF antenna (like rabbit-ears) in order to receive them; for instance, in Boston, WGBH (virtual channel 2) tranmits on digital channel 19, but will switch to digital channel 5 in 2019 following the digital repack

I have a 50 mile corded antenna for $30 at Walmart and it works great. I used it on the boat to watch broncos games on the water. The nearest tower is within 30 feet but if I purchased this would I be able
To get the same signal regardless of if it’s any where near my house?

I killed Frontier because of constant overbilling. Bought one of these to try. When I ran autoset up on my new panasonic it found zero stations. I then hooked up a set of fifty year old rabbit ears which picked up 57 channels.

I own this. Bought it on amazon a long time ago. Mostly we watch netflix or prime when we have time so I cut the cable bill years ago. But we live in an area prone to storms, the kinds that get named, so on occasion getting the local news is a must. I was concerned this would not be strong enough as we are 90 miles south of one broadcasting area and about the same west of another, but this pulls all of the major networks in just fine plus a few others. I leave it connected to my TV and tuck it away by sliding it into a slot on our wall mount. Then pull it out and stick it in a window whenever we need local news. Took it on a camping trip once, many miles from civilization and surrounded by hills. The best signal there was obtained by dangling outside of our camper and just closing the door on the cable. We pulled in 24 channels that way, sadly it 6 of them were all running The Bachelor.

I read many reviews on amazon which led me to believe this was the most bang for the buck. One thing I recall was how many reviewers said they mounted it on the wall and painted it their wall color so it did not stand out, that seems like a great idea for anyone who needs to use it for all of their watching needs

I’ve recommended this to two others who wanted it for the same reason that I did, and both say they are happy with it.