Mohu Leaf Metro Indoor HDTV Antenna - 2 Pack

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Mohu Leaf Metro Indoor HDTV Antenna - 2 Pack
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4.1 Stars over at Best Buy

Have one. Theyre so-so. Ive tried mine in several places on the third floor and the signal is just “ok”. It doesn’t compare at all to my friends $35 rca antenna box from best buy, which I was actually a little surprised by due to its size and placement on the floor. For reference, I do live in the city.

If you’re curious what channels the manufacturer say’s you’ll get, enter your zip here Says I’d get 3 channels, so I don’t think it overestimates by too much

This is why digital TV is one of the most blatant hoaxes pushed on the public. Imagine, this person lives in the “city” and the signal is “just ok”!!! In digital terms that means it’s unwatchable on whatever channel is not perfect. I have an RCA antenna and I live just 12 miles out from the city and it was not even OK. so now I have to pay for cable, where for 25 years I didn’t.

I don’t have the time nor space to detail how idiotic it is to call digital TV a “hoax”…but rest assured that you look incredibly naive by spouting that sort of nonsense. That said, this version of the Leaf is not the one to own. You want the USB powered/amplified version. It’s more money but it does a great job. I have both versions. Night and day.

Not “idiotic”, just a different perspective. The “hoax” in this context is that digital would bring a better picture for everyone. Those folks who had been living with a marginal analog signal have lost the ability to accept a bit of snow for continuous sound and picture. Now, at best they will get black squares, but more likely they get time skips and black screens.

The forced transition to digital was about bandwidth revenues, not signal or picture quality for the masses.


Shut it all off and went straight to Mohu, Roku and Amazon. Some problems on second floor of the house, but the bottom floor works very well. Occasional problems (cutting in and out) but overall, I am pleased with their performance. (PS Do not worry about getting the signal “extender.” You won’t need it.

Absolutely correct. Digital TV is a “hoax”…too funny…Check out the options / figure out what’s best for the area in which you live, and spend a little more money. I’m very happy to no longer have a TW bill to pay each month.

I disagree 1) uhf channels just got fuzzy when out of range not easily dropped like weak digital channels
2) you might wanna hang on to a small analog tv

So who got the better deal???
Who usually does? The govt

nailed it. I have the 50 mile (entertainment room) and the 30 mile (garage) and they are both USB powered. They work great. Skip this sale and go to Sams where you can get a two pack with this one and the 50 mile one for about $45.

Wait a minute…
"No need to point this antenna in any particular direction. "

This is a dipole and it is directional.

Then this:
“Place Leaf Metro in a desired location
Scan for channels in your television menu
Try a few locations, scanning each time”

So you do need to move it around. Scanning for channels can take 20-30 minutes.

Some TVs let you rescan without deleting previous channels, but others don’t and it is impossible to get all the channels into memory. The best TVs let you add channels manually, but you need to look up the true frequency channel as opposed to the displayed channel.

Most towers aren’t located IN the city but outside the city. So it’s likely that you’re in a better location relative the towers. Also, you probably don’t have buildings in the way, either. But honestly, I get more channels and content from an antenna now than I ever did with analog…and that’s in the same location pre and post switchover.

Yep, old NTSC analog channels allowed for getting a shitty picture at a farther distance. It looked like Hell (even with a perfect signal) but even with half the signal messed up you could still ‘sort of’ see the picture. Digital isn’t as forgiving, drop-outs in the signal will cause loss of picture.

That was the trade-off. Significantly better picture quality but with greater antenna/tuner requirements. Hardly a ‘hoax’. Use that tinfoil to help your antenna, instead of making hats.

I live 15 miles from Chicago and I had very little success with these.

The best bang for my buck were the $10 rabbit ears from BB - get’s me all the channels accept CBS and NBC. For that, I bought a clearstream antenna for $100 and I get everything.

Digital does offer a better picture. But that shouldn’t be confused with reception. Different issues.

The second floor problem is most likely caused by gravity difference between the first and second floors. You know, that inverse square issue. It’s harder to push digits up a set of stairs versus the analog which could be rolled up the stairs.

While that certainly sounds like a good deal, I can’t help but question the logic of packaging a short range antenna with a long-range antenna. Logically, if short range works, the long range would be overkill. And vice versa, if only long range works, the other one would be a paper weight.