Molex Fluorescent Bench Light, 4 Colors

Is this fixture UL listed?

I just went down too my almost new office and took a look and they have the UL label. I bought 2 of these last time they on and like them. Seems like a high price but I wouldn’t use them in the garage. They are being used over 2 vintage 6’ wooden industrial benches with an O C White floor light between them and it works out just right. Good mix of solid old and solid new. These are really nicely made.

Why wouldn’t you use this in the garage?

They just seem toooooo nice for my garage. I have the cheap whatever place had them on sale 26 years ago when I installed them that have been doing the job. Switching to NOS industrial 18" round porcelain shades that I picked up cheap at an electric supply company that had gone out of business. NOS cost me $50 for 24 shades and I paid another $25 for sockets for them. My garage is used for working in and these seem too dressy to me. IMHO. If I had ton’s of cash and a nice, clean neat garage I would have these lined up in a minute. The extruded aluminum shades are heavy duty & look excellent. The finish is super. My garage is just not the type of garage these would go in. My sisters house on the other hand would be perfect for these, super clean, never worked in and they look real nice. Plus, I’m just too cheap!

So what happened to the Rockwell Sonicrafter?
And why did the item change in same day with no wootoff?
Am I out of the loop?

My guess is that all of us who ended up stuck with the non-variable version last week started shipping them back to get this real variable speed one. :slight_smile:

that’s a thing we’ve been doing to make more money…er, i mean, offer more great stuff at an awesome price!

Now, guys, you know if it isn’t directly about the product details you’re supposed to put your comments in the community corral where other Wooters won’t see them. As the previous item is not still for sale, comments such as these only dilute the Woot experience for others. Soon the staff will have to start deleting these posts, and I know we’d hate to force these lovely people into fascist censorship.

uhh yea wow 8 posts is a lot to sift through… I see how you can get confused

oh man, great for a pool table light, no?

Molex 4’ Fluorescent Bench Light, $39.99

How do I know I missed a great deal if the price isn’t listed? Is this a replenishable item?