Molex Fluorescent Bench Light, 5 Colors

Molex, makers of light fixtures, and watches that aren’t fooling anyone.

Wonder if these would look good mounted over top of a pool table in a rec room.

I know that’s what’s tempting me right now.

Is this hard wired or can I plug or into a wall socket?

It’s has a 3-prong wall plug. The power cord comes out of the light on the same side as the pull chain.

Specs say chainless mount. Can’t tell by pictures what the 2 cords are and how they attach at top, how long are they (how low can you hang light)? Pics don’t show power cord? Also wonder how well light is reflected since it doesn’t have wing reflectors?

So little time, so many questions. Also what does saves 2/3 more power mean? 2/3 more than what? Couldn’t find product online for more detailed info.

Those two little dohickeys on each vertical cord are how you hang it to the ceiling. You can hang it from hooks or whatever your heart desires.

I’ll ask about the hanging length but it’ll be morning before I hear back.

Same. I too would like to know how many feet of cord or chain this has to hang from the ceiling. If I have a 10 foot ceiling, will there be enough slack to hang it and still make it to an outlet?

2/3 less power than a comparable incandescent light. The ballast in fluorescent lights steps up the voltage considerably, charging the inert gas inside of the light.

OK… didn’t know if it was more energy efficient than Home Depot’s $20 flourecent shoplight fixture. This looks nicer but it will be in garage so not sure if it looks $25 nicer. Needs a better sales pitch. Went to but couldn’t find it.

I would go with the home depot one and some spray paint if you don’t like white. or walmart has them. but theres no measurement for a particular fluorescent lights efficiency.

Good questions, all. Here’s what I’ve got for you:

Those two black cords? One is the power cord, the other is just for show. The power cord comes out the side with the pull-chain and runs 8 ft. The non-power cord is only 4 ft. Presumably, this gives you 4 ft of hanging height, plus another 4 ft to get you to a power source. The plug is a NEMA 5-15 three-prong grounded connector.

For a 10 ft ceiling, you can always run string/cord/wire/high-tensile-strength-dental-floss from the ceiling to the black plastic loops and get as much height as you need.

Hope this helps.

Some of us stay up late too, you know. :stuck_out_tongue:


The statement “Uses 2/3 less electricity” is somewhat misleading. Generally such statements are made about comparable products. This is a fixture with two 32 watt fluorescent bulbs, each having a light output of 2800 lumens. One fixture is 64 watts and 5600 lumens. That is the same as any other comparable four foot fluorescent lamp, including the ones they sell for $15 at home improvement stores. This one might be prettier, but that is usually not an issue in garages and work sheds.

Excellent points and EXCELLENT questions. I had the same ones.

WOOT, you weren’t very clear here, as at least two of us have noticed. More photos and a more detailed description would be helpful.

Note that this lamp uses 32 Watt T8 (1 inch diameter) bulbs rather than the 40 Watt T12 (1.5 inch diameter) lamps usually used in a shop light. Thus less power used BUT also less light output.


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lol $45 and it doesn’t even come with the $12 to $16 in required bulbs. You folks really need spend a little time @ Home Depot or Lowe’s.