Molly & You Mug Cake Singles (12)

I guess it’s a good deal but I’ve never had one so who the hell knows, y’know? It would be a nice thing to keep in your desk at work for that special occasion when you Really Need Something Special… something better than a Ho-Ho or Honey Bun from the vending machine.

Still a better deal than the $28 empty peanut butter jars… NOPE, never going to let you hear the end of that bull stuff

$30 for a dozen cupcakes. These must be pretty darn special.

Edit… A dozen MICROWAVABLE cupcakes, it gets better.

Momma A-zon has similar mixes with a pack of 4 for $2.99. Or, in woot-math, about 25% of this price.

FWIW, I’ve had a different brand and they’re a nice one-person snack or dessert. No temptation from a plate of cupcakes or an entire cake staring at you.

Microwave cupcakes for one? I prefer to make my sad, sad meals from scratch.,204,203,200.jpg

Mmmm white sugar and flour from the microwave and only $2.50 each. Coffee shops and convenience stores must fear this competition.

Nothing like a whole day of carbs in one mug

Duncan Hines Perfect Size for 1
~3.00/box of 4
at grocery stores (nos&h)
Tried them when I got a coupon for free box. Seemed good to me.

Also, fwiw, you can pretty easily make this mix yourself in a Ziploc bag. Used to do this quite a bit with red velvet cake as the kids thought it was cool to make a quick microwave ‘mug cake’