Molten Phoenix

ooooo, shiny shirt is shiny! :slight_smile:

Such an awesome design. I can’t wait to see that gold ink!

Nicely liquid texture; lives up to its name.

Congratulations on your 1st place win! I love this shirt, but then, I love all of your shirts! YAY PHOENIXES~

I was so hoping this would win…I’m a sucker for any Phoenix shirt. Yay!

Got it! Funny so many of the first sales are in Oregon and Washington-states where we are having a COLD summer. We need a hot shirt to warm us up here.

But no one in Arizona has bought one…yet.

For some reason, the I Melt With You keeps popping into my head when I see this awesome design.

What? A black shirt here in Phoenix? Are you “stoopid”?

I’ll get my black shirts in November, thank you! (Then, I’ll be able to wear them for a FEW months.)


amalara is one of the finest newer artists I’ve seen, and I’m honored to know her.

As a materials engineer I have to wonder, what sort of temperature would be required to melt a phoenix…

Having flashbacks of the countless hours spent in Ragnarock… I miss the days of WoW, before one could battle pokemon…

XD, Having just moved to the Seattle area from the Texas panhandle…all I can say is I’m LOVING the ‘cold’ summer.

Bout to pick this beauty up. And btw, I happen to live in Flagstaff. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yet is right.

Okay. I HAVE to have this.

I’m a Phoenician, born and raised, and this description strikes at the heart. Good writing!

Beautiful design! Shirt.Woot keeps getting more and more of my money, much to the delight of my 17 year old daughter.

The wings long like giant molten rats!