Molten Phoenix

I can’t even express how glad I am to see this one printing! It’s a fiery burning ray of sunshine on an already positive Friday!

The write-up is what Phoenix always sounds like to me. Unbearably hot for far too long. I’m originally from the inland empire in Southern California, and it gets hot, but it’s not PHOENIX hot.

description read I AM from Flagstaff, and I am needled. Mostly from the pine trees…

Damn straight, sir. Maybe we could get some potholders with this design, to open the car doors with?

Metallic ink? What are the chances of it cracking/crinkling in the wash? I don’t have any shirts with that ink.

I know it is like looking at clouds, but does nobody else see a rabbit hitting on a peacock???

congratulations for this beautiful win

Ummm . . . do the wings look like rodents to anyone else? Striking design and riveting colors, but I just can’t wear rats, even if I’m the only one who sees them.

I suppose I’m the only one who saw a big red frog with a smaller frog-shaped tongue coming out its mouth?

Gorgeous shirt! Congrats on the win - I was really hoping this would be the one!

Am I the only one who thinks this looks like two chipmunks trying to mate with a peacock?

Absolutely beautiful! This is definitely a signature piece from an artist with an incredible amount of talent. It’s nice to see this one on top!

I was on the fence about this shirt (It’s awesome, but budget is tight this month) until I saw the artist is from Lexington, KY. I live in Louisville. Had to buy it then.

Holy potatoes, this was the best thing to wake up to EVER! MY DAY IS IMMEDIATELY AWESOME, THANKS WOOT PEOPLE!

Also you guys have some creative imaginations because I’m not seeing any forest critters. =(

I love Phoenix shirts, I’m just not down with the metallic ink. Sorry

I was going with “Guinea pig in goggles humping a peacock.” as my first impression.

It’s your mind protecting you. Cherish that.

Wonderful shirt, and I would have bought it for my girlfriend – except Woot! is still using those terrible blanks.

Note to the artist: if this gets reprinted in a similar fashion somewhere else on a better shirt I’d buy it.

Beautiful design.

Now we need Articuno and Zapdos.