Mom needs a new laptop

My mom’s laptop is also an alcoholic… it drank a lot of wine. and died. I’m an unfortunate Mac user. I love her but I need something around 350… (I didn’t say she was a good mom… )
I could peruse the website but this is much more fun.
And who would have thought Puzzles would have become such a hot number!

Woot is the official website for drunk purchases. (ask @davejlives)

I’ve bought refurb Windows computers here for a few years now and have yet to get burned.

What is your drunk mom’s technical ability around computers?

How does she use them? For just email and youtube and the like or does she get more adventurous?

The reason I ask those questions is that perhaps a Chromebook might suit her. A Chromebook is basically a browser in a box, but I’m a fan, well, I used to be fan before they aged my perfectly fine Chromebook out of updates.

Does your mom need an optical drive? Say a DVD drive or something?


Thanks so much for responding.!!! She primarily shops online, looks at the occasional YouTube video and checks email. She has a separate work computer. And I realize 300 is low but would a Chromebook be sufficient? She does not need a drive.

Actually, … I use this Mac for the exact same purpose. I got sold on a brandname. The things I’m learning :slight_smile:

Oh, that’s ok. Yeah, a Chromebook might be OK, but if she uses a computer for work, maybe best to stick with “regular” computers so she won’t get frustrated and drunkenly throw it across the room. Lets go look at what Woot has today. BBL

She has a separate work computer. She needs a personal computer.

Gotcha, I was talking about her “familiarity factor” for her personal computer.

Here’s one for $260.00 I’d buy: Lenovo Thinkpad T430s 14" HD Laptop, Intel Core i5-3320M, 8GB DDR3, 128GB Solid State Drive, 802.11n, Bluetooth, Win10Pro $259.99

But the one I really like is this one for $300.00: Dell Latitude E5470 14" HD Business Notebook, Intel i3-6100U 2.3GHz, 8GB DDR4, 128GB SSD, Win10Pro $299.99

I prefer “business class” computers because they seem to have better build quality, etc. I like a bigger screen too, and these at 14 inches are about as small as I can go.

They both have solid state drives which makes a yuge difference in boot times and operations.

I don’t drink or drug anymore so these are “sober certified” recommendations.

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I’m an old lady too…I’m looking for a laptop, $3-400 (probably being out of the ballpark). I play games, shop, movies and and would need memory, not just for myself heehee, is touch screen too much?, and security (finger print (?).
What are my chances?