Momeni 22"x34" Holiday Rugs (6 Styles)

**Item: **Momeni 22"x34" Holiday Rugs (6 Styles)
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I’m tempted by the Reindeer rug, but storing the thing for months unused turns me off. I already have a load of ornaments I never take out of storage to use. I keep trying to be less of a hoarder. Small steps.

More more appealing than the ugly Christmas sweaters.

Not sure how to care for your awesome new rug? Check out some tips, straight from

Storing a holiday rug is easy because they are flat. Just put it underneath your box of ornaments and it will be clean and protected until next year!

I so get 'cha on the hoarder thing. Stay strong, you inspired me to pass also. Thanks!

Santa looks like he just did something naughty on your roof… I like the other two designs.

I am liking the reindeer. I think I might need something cute on the floor inside to counteract the effect of the “Bah Humbug” door mat we place outside every year.

Oh come on! He does not. That’s the chimney behind him.

Never mind. I figgered it out.


It appears that you cannot purchase 3 different rugs.

Whats up wit dat?

Hahah, I’m talking about the wrapped present.

But since you mention the chimney… lol

Your post confuses me so just in case:

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That would be more like this:

Had to hunt for a “suitable” one for posting. LOL

What is the thickness of the rugs? Woot, tell your rug suppliers that this info should be automatically included in their specs.

I’m checkin’ into it. I’ll let you know what I find out.

They spelled Christmas wrong on the one I got. Spelled it Chrisimas. It’s right in your picture. Want a refund.

Jeez, I’m sorry for the trouble. Have you emailed with your order number, user name and situation yet?