Momeni 8x10 Area Rug

This would really tie my room together.


Are these easy to clean? Or should I go for this Area Rug 8 Ft X 10 Ft 6 in Dragon Black/Red for the same price?

Don’t you mean “That rug really tied the room together”?

When ever I see a rug for sale on Woot, I can’t help but wonder if the staff has been watching “The Big Lebowski” lately.

No, no. The proper way of saying it is, "That rug would really tie my room together man."

Without the “man” the quote just doesn’t feel right.

Seems like it would be too hard to determine if the rug works in the room…And you can’t return it…

It would be nice for woot to give us some thickness guide, other than 0.4" pile. Put a lego guy next to the rug, or even an ipod.

8 x 10 seems like a good size to help hide a body

$319.20 at home depot

We have a Momeni 8x10 (not one offered) and it is very nice quaility! Cleans easy with the shark navigator (brush turned off) and for spot cleaning, just a damp cloth. I’ll be keeping my eye open for different sizes to come up now from the Home.woot Gods!

Yes, but we’re still waiting to hear how hard it is to clean these things. Blood stains aren’t exactly the easiest thing to get rid of ya know.

What is the thread count per inch on these?
Cashmere rugs are going for $4,000 for this size. Of course they will last much longer and stronger. The back resembles needlework. With proper care these can last generations.

Go to Kohl’s they have these and use a 20-30% of coupon. Easy to return too. Better deal for the same patterns here.

Decent rug. Good quality and durability.
Just don’t use your Dyson on it.
(or at least turn off the beater bar)

Wool is considered “dirt repellent” because of its lanolin. That’s not to say that it can’t stain at all, but it’s more resistant to it than many other non-treated fibers.

For those who need understand the size/value in terms of math, it’s $2.71/sq.ft. for one rug with the shipping.

I’m seriously considering one of these to go on top of our new hardwood floors (at least in one room).

FWIW, the discount/clearance rugs place in our area (you guys know the type - high volume, no returns, no consistency in stock) sells 8’x10’ rugs for as low as $99 for some solid shags (two colors) and goes up from there. Anything you’d actually WANT starts at $199 and goes up from there. Wool isn’t an option at all there - even at the $400 price point.

$205 for a wool 8x10 rug is pretty hard to come by - even if it is Chinese made.

I know these aren’t “generational” rugs by any means, but they’ll certainly outlast your average carpet by a LONG shot. And you could purchase one of each these for each of your next 6+ generations and still come out ahead rather than buy a rug that’ll last 100+ years.

Decisions, decisions…

I think the price is good for wool rugs of this size. Would love to buy a couple but the modern look rugs won’t go with my antique and traditional decor… although I really like them. I think they are a great value and hope woot does this again in different styles.

Rugs of this size price for much higher; this will fit perfectly under my dinning room table.

Will my Roomba work on this rug?