Momentum Smart Camera Garage Opener

Momentum Smart Camera Garage Opener

Does anyone know how long the power cable is?

Don’t buy! I have one. It takes forever to connect, and always loses the connection. It is actually useless.


Have you tried updating the firmware ? This is mention a lot on reviews at Home Depot where it got 4 out of 5 stars from 52 reviews.

I believe it has about a 6 foot power cable, but I’m not at home so can’t confirm. You might want to check your wifi signal as well, because I’ve never had any connections issues. I bought this on Woot about 6 months ago, and have been very pleased with the ease of setup and utility of the system.

Is this compatible with Alexa and Google?

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Good morning. This does not have Alexa or Google Home integration

Have two of these and they were both working well before I switched out routers (haven’t had time to set them up again, so don’t if that’ll be an issue). Before that, the only issue I had was it interfered with the signal from my controller in my car to the garage opener. I had to move it a further away from the opener itself in the garage and that fixed the problem.

How difficult is installation?

Where can I find a list of compatible units? The manufacturer has the Niro listed and it looks the same. Is this the Niro?

Hi there. It’s linked in the features:

  • Garage door opener compatibility list available here

Thank you! Also, I found under “in the box” where it says this IS the Niro. Unfortunately mine isnt listed as compatible and I’m not willing to take the risk.