Momentum Wi-Fi Smart Garage Door Opener

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Momentum Wi-Fi Smart Garage Door Opener
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8/25/2018 - $69.99

Awesome! But not compatible with my garage door opener. Also charging you for cloud storage? Really? Is that even still a thing? Blink does it for free.

great description…talks about a camera, but in no way mentions what it actually does, or how, concerning opening a garage door.

The camera connects to your existing opener control wires, so it should be compatible with any opener.

Watch the video and the one that follows the first one. It explains it more clearly.

Compatibility list both compatible and non-compatible! My openers are not listed in either category.

Blink will store a maximum of 2 hours of video in the cloud and has no way to store locally. I would prefer* the free Momentum account with SD card storage.

*I am not a fan of either since they do not record continuous video. That way when the motion sensing doesn’t pick something up you can go back and watch the video.

I’m guessing the incompatible openers are ones like Chamerberlain/Liftmaster that uses their proprietary (under the guise of $ecurity) Security+ 2.0 protocols. Even the push button sends info on the wires and doesn’t do a simple open/close like most.

I have a Liftmaster with built in MyQ. Wish I knew more about how terrible their products and corporate attitude to their customers was before I Ok’d the install. Avoid Chamberlain/Liftmaster like the plague!

Anyhow it did make me figure out ways to get around their B.S. so I could use IFTTT for free, geofencing, full Alexa/Google control etc.

To get other triggers like this one to work with Security+ 2.0 openers, and if you’re handy with a soldering iron, you just need to get one of their cheap ($12) wall push buttons. Take out the circuit board and solder on some leads to the microswitch that gets pushed. Not difficult at all. Connect and train the push button as normal to the opener, and then use the leads you added in to connect to your other controlling device. This lets the other device “push” the Security+ 2.0 button as if you did it manually.

TLDR; Security+ 2.0? Get one of their cheap push buttons, wire leads to the microswitch. Hook your Momentum WiFi up to those. Voila.

It would seem that this will alert on motion or sound, but it does not develop an opinion as to whether your garage door is open or closed. It’s up to you to proactively bring up the app and check the video, unless you are content to wait until someone is ransacking your open garage.

Maybe I will get this one and Garadget, and between the two of them, they will have it covered.

Although completely OT, this is definitely a QUALITY POST. I have perused the internets trying to find confirmation of this workaround, and have previously only found supposition. Thanks for the confirmation; I’m ordering the button today!

I did the same thing, but using a wireless button for your car. Works great.

Thank you :slight_smile:

I realize the end of my post might make it sound like I use the Momentum. I do not, but it seems to be a simple switch that pushes the button so it should be the same.

I personally use a Sonoff relay to control my Liftmaster now for most functions. I do have the Liftmaster app programmed with a few schedule related triggers (middle of the night door closures “just in case”, for example), but for IFTTT, Stringify, Alexa, and geofencing it all works courtesy of the Sonoff relay.

I love rolling into the neighborhood and the door is open when I get to the driveway (and after sunset the spot light is turned on). Or being able to tell Alexa to open the door as we’re running out to work (detached garage).

If anyone wants specific build details (esp. if you have a Chamberlain/Liftmaster) DM me. Chamberlain hid my post on their community so I have it on my web site now.

So I guess this just opens the door when your car pulls up the driveway. Who’s this for, someone too lazy to press the homelink button on the rear-view mirror? or the burglars?

Yes, exactly. You figured that out without even reading the product details!

After the free cloud storage 30 days, the data is stored on an SD card if you put one in the camera. It works great with my garage door opener. Did you check out the list of garage door openers that it doesn’t work with before you bought it?

I guess - if you mount your controller outside - or, contrary to the instructions, you use a bunch of extension cable and stick the camera outside

This was the easiest thing I ever installed. Was done in under 15 minutes - that included the time spent looking for the step-stool to reach my garage door opener.

The motion and audio detection is very sensitive. I have 150 audio and video clips for one day alone! Only about 20 of them are legit. Last night I turned the audio detection to the lowest sensitivity. I think I’ll do the same for video as well - or I can evict that moth that keeps flying around at odd times. Interesting to note that the motion outside the viewing angle of the lens also seems to be picked up - the moth comes into view only a few seconds after the video. Either that or the moth has already made one pass across the lens and I am only seeing it on its return pass.

I’m supposed to get alerts when the camera detects something but I didn’t get 150 alerts thankfully. So need to dig into the settings and figure it out. Note that if you don’t setup some rules in the app no videos will be recorded and no alerts will be received and no activity will be tracked. You only get a live view and sound from the camera and you can send instructions to open/close the garage door. There is a talk back feature that I have not tried - I suppose you use it to tell the intruder to beat it! There is an infra-red light that captures just enough when the garage door is closed. I have the unit monitor both my garage doors. Nice thing is that I should get notifications even when the other garage door that does not have this unit attached is activated. The other unit is WiFi enabled so I can control it remotely. This little camera is very useful.