so I guess she IS smiling

Hahaha! Love the volcanoes in the background!

woah… I think someone’s due for a facial.

Only one eye to follow wherever you go…

Finally! A stupid funny shirt! I haven’t bought one in so long!

…Will Ferrell meets da Vinci

or is this a practical joke on da Vinci from Dali?

It’s a good illustration, but… the boxiness! It is my compositional kryptonite! Please vignette things like this if you’re going to print them on a shirt!

The first one for a while that I actually think is a good design and well executed. Congrats to the artist.


First Delaware woot today!!!

edit- On second glance, probably not. But still! For an awesome shirt such as this, it deserves a shout.

Ha ha, that might be one of the uglier shirts I’ve seen… :slight_smile:

I understand the need for a square background, but I think a stylized frame would have really helped anchor the piece to the shirt.

The title of the design makes me think of a friend I had (with an English accent) who would say Lisa as “Lis-er”.

I hate Mona Lisa “parody” designs. Ughhhh.

I was thinking the same thing. Nice illustration, not a fan of the top half’s boxiness.

What did you think I meant?


Are we going to get Raptor Jesus soon?

What is her left hand resting on? I can’t tell if it’s weird perspective with land underneath or if it’s on a piece of wood…

I was thinking of a Mosesaurus myself…

So THAT’S the inspiration for Tom Hanks’ hairstyle in the Da Vinci Code. I finally see it now.