Monbana Tresor de Chcolate Hot chocolate mix Woot Info Post
It’s Better Than Bad, It’s!

Monbana Tresor de Chcolate Hot chocolate mix [Powdered] - $14.99 + $5 shipping shipping

1 * Monbana Tresor de Chcolate Hot chocolate mix - 1kg

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Has anyone tried this? Is it nummy?

Chcolate? Hmmmmmm

So, with this we get some hot chocolate and whipped cream, but no mug or cinnamon stick?
What about the sprinkles on top?

Can’t find much of a web presence for this product.

Anyone have any reviews/info to share?

At least, i like that it seems to provide a LOT of cups. 1kg box is enough for 40 to 45 cups

Box of Cocoa < “Box of Cocoa”

What is Xanthan gun? What size bullet does it fire? How many? How fast?

Edit: In for 2 (of the hot chocolate, that is).

In for 2- it’s supposed to be a cold winter…

wow, a kilo of cocoa mix, it’d better be good! Does sound lovely.


I was JUST saying today that I really, really want a cup of hot chocolate. Too bad it can’t be delivered in 15 minutes!

(Well, a website that has more information, marginally)

Here’s all I could find, but it’s in French… and the prices are in euros, so convert at will. No reviews but it looks yummy nonetheless. Good exchange gift perhaps?

Haha seriously! I’ve actually tried this stuff before, and it’s VERY good…if this were a coffee it would be Pete’s quality in comparison to Carnation cocoa which would be Foldgers. Hope that helps.

In for 1- I know I’ll need it this winter. And I hate cheap hot chocolate. Sounds like a no-brainer for me.

Monbana Tresor de Chcolate Hot chocolate mix


Best hot chocolate I’ve had is the homemade mix that the Hell’s Kitchen cookbook has from the restaurant in Minneapolis. Have to make vanilla sugar and mix some 100% cocoa in with the sugar and other spices. Goes well with the homemade marshmallows from the same book. Plus it’s the only cookbook I’ve ever seen the f-bomb in.

The funny thing is that it’s “chocolat” - French - on the bag.

starch of wheat, Xanthan gun both thickeners

I wonder how taking cheap “ghirardelli hot chocolate” and putting some in…or even just corn-startch

Opaque, brownish color.

Chocolate on the nose, sweet on the palate, chocolate on the finish, with a hint of vanilla.

Has anyone had this before? There’s at least 3 other hot chocolate mixes which get very good reviews on amazon. Wondering how this compares?

Or even Ghirardelli which is considerably cheaper.

or Stephen’s, which also gets very good reviews.