Monday Morning Coffee

Are you ready for some caffffeinnnne?

Nice active vibe…very sportif

Is it morning yet?


“Can you smell what The Bean is brewing?”


(I call dibs…)

additionally to buying it I should print it out and stick it to my forehead right now.
First ‘weekday specific’ shirt I’m totally going for!

I got the reference, even though I’m geographically challenged. Nice one, Collin!


Here we have another example of why Woot should remove the “3 item limit” from items. I have 3 kids who want shirts, some other family members who love totes, and I think this is a great design for a sweatshirt.

I can only order a maximum of 3 ITEMS total. So maybe I won’t order anyone anything today.

There is NO reason for placing a limit on the order quantity, you custom print these so its not you’re going to run out.

Woot please remove the “3 item limit”, it is really annoying.

Before and after commercials, a robotic Starbucks employee comes out and does touchdown dances in front of the score.

Congrats Collinvh!!!

nice work, Collin

Can’t you put in separate orders with 3 items each? I thought Woot was offering all day shipping as well.

I agree with most of what you stated. I have a disagreement with your “There is no reason for placing a limit on the order quantity” part of your satement.
There is a reason, we may not agree with it, but it does excist.

" There is a maximum of 3 units purchased per deal. You can’t have them all. You have to share with the other boys and girls." — “No. You can buy a maximum of 3. Please don’t ask again or we’ll sprinkle some nasty microbes on your next order. Jeez, some people…”

Nope. The all-day shipping went away when the cart was introduced; now it’s $5/order, except for shirt.woot, which is still free for the US.

Just make a new account (using a different email). No big deal, really.

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Three posts from the same family? Is that fair? Is it allowed? Is it ethical? It’s kind of like using loaded dice is it not? There’s always a way around any rule, some way to cheat the system. Maybe having somebody else order the extras. Oh, but there’s that thing about having an account. Maybe you could resort to bribery. Of course, you could always go direct to the source. Bribery, extortion, hostage taking, and other less pleasant things are all acceptable business practices in many places in the world. Why not give it a trial run (no pun intended) and see how dedicated they are to their rule. Other than that, I don’t care. Just tell one of your kids they will have to share a t-shirt.