Moneual RYDIS H68 Pro Plus Robo Vac/Mop

Moneual RYDIS H68 Pro Plus Robo Vac/Mop
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I have this product and am happy with its’ performance.

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Average reviews from Amazon Users

I bought this the last time Woot offered it. It worked great for about two weeks, then started offering up a ‘Please clean the main brush’ error.

No matter how much you took it apart, cleaned it, and restarted it - it kept giving the error.

Contacting their customer support was a waste of time. I looked up their FAQ, followed the directions, then e-mailed them for help. They simply sent me a link to the FAQ I had already read, and refused to respond further. After 2 weeks of no more response (I sent follow ups every 2 days) I gave up an contacted Woot for help.

Woot was kind enough to give me a full refund for the thing when it crapped out.

Just… get an actual Roomba instead.

Here is a review

It is important to know the company is out of business (bankrupt, kaput) and there will be no support for this machine down the road. I was about to pull the trigger when I read about this. No more parts being made, etc.

Buyer beware. I bought one of these from Woot a while back. The one I purchased came without the sidebrushes that are supposed to sweep stuff up as it moves. I contacted Moneual’s customer service who said they would send a set right out…famous last words. Many months and many emails later, no brushes. “Customer Service” doesn’t even respond to my emails any longer. Terrible buying experience.

They are bankrupt and the founders may be in a Korean jail. Google is your friend.

This company is bankrupt. Parts and warranty work are unavailable. Avoid. Woot should disclose this. They did not. You need replacement pads for it? Brushes? Forget it.

I know this is way, way late, but I ran into the exact same problem. Would clean the brush, ensure nothing was there, etc. Drove us nuts.

Then I noticed something. I assumed that there were some scratches on the plastic in the brush well. They weren’t. Instead, it was built up dirt and crud from using the mop function. It filled in the well area enough that it interfered enough with the brush to make the unit think it was clogged. I used a wet paper towel, and wiped the thing clean and smooth. That took care of the problem, and it’s back in action.

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