Moneual RYDIS H68 Pro Plus Robo Vac/Mop

Anyone? I recently got a NEATO and I already had two Roombas. ONe of my Roombas went tits up, and I wasn’t going to pay almost a grand for a new one, so the NEATO it was.
I’m happy with it, it does a slightly better job.
But these – are they like Swiffers with engines or what?

It is best described as a combination of an iRobot Roomba and an iRobot Scooba. It does both jobs - vacuuming and dry/wet mopping - fairly well.

Thanks for that reply- makes sense. I just looked at the bit of microfiber rag for the washer and it reminded me of just sticking a wet Swiffer pad on it’s undercarriage.
I’m just so stinking lazy about cleaning up after the pets several times a day, but even though I know the Roomba is built to last, every time they up the prices I carp myself a little and hope my last one keeps working. I’ve been eyeing the new robotic Meile (Miele is what I Use for real vacuuming) and although they seem to do the same job (sweeping) I know Miele’s NEVER die, and they’re about half price of the 900 series Roomba - but with better specs.
Wish me luck.