Moneual RYDIS H68 Pro Robo Vac/Mop

This name is a new one to me. Looks like this is the new kid on the robot block, so I was wondering how it stacks up against the Roomba and Neato. I found this:

That article was behind a subscription paywall, how did these compare to roomba?

This one worked…

Also, Moneual went bankrupt:

Paste the phrase “In Battle of Robot Vacuums, No Clean Sweep” into Google and you should get around the WSJ paywall to the full article in the first result.

The wsj test is nonsense unless you live like a pig , throwing dirt and candy onto your carpets. , it’s just not how you will use this device in the real world.
If your floor is basically clean this robot will make it sparkle, at least it did on mine, wood floors plus carpeted rooms. It’s remarkable. Suddenly cleaning floors daily becomes no big deal, they never get really dirty. It saves no end of drudge work.

Terrific. Think the fact that they are belly-up might affect parts and service? I’d expect these to all be $49.95 with the famous 30-30 guarantee. [30 feet or 30 seconds, whichever comes first.]

We recently purchased this product. I have always been skeptical of these machines, but with the price and features we took the gamble. It does a fine job vacuuming and collects more debris than I anticipated. Our furniture is the right height that it does get stuck sometimes under the furniture, but does a pretty good job backing out. The mop feature also works better than I thought. Add a floor cleaner/water solution and it does a good job. The microfiber pads are dirty, so it did something.

Overall, we are happy with our purchase and the brand. It is nice to have the ability for the vacuuming and moping option for in-between deep cleaning.

If you have been on the fence about one of these cleaners, I would recommend it.

Be afraid…a RoboDyson ($1600.00) is comming!

That was the Korean company, the US company appears to still be in business and selling product.

AVOID…Bought one about 3 months ago. Could not register it online, it says serial# is incorrect format. Started having problems (it stopped talking). Tried to contact them online and again it asks for a serial number, even gives example of how to enter it. Put in serial number exactly as pictured, still incorrect. Called FIVE times, get automated response, they haven’t called back.
Bought a Neato about six months ago, it is awesome, does a great job, wish it could mop!