Mongoose Bicycles



Feel free to share your favorite bike rides here, and if you’ve ridden one of these bikes. :slight_smile:


Mongoose R5204 model number comes up as a men’s mountain bike, when searching the world wide ultra web but if you search for Mongoose Overt, you get the a bike similar to the one posted but it’s nowhere near $382 MSRP. The “sale” price is actually MORE than other stores for both boys BMX bikes … disappointing.


I think you guys might have posted the wrong picture for your “Mongoose Fireline 26” Men’s Full-Suspension Mountain Bike" the picture looks more like a hybrid comfort bike, not a full suspension mountain bike and a quick search on google for that model shows a different bike. Just saying…


Women’s? Girls? Not feeling the love, guys.


[edit] Nope.


What are the frame sizes for these bikes? I don’t see that listed anywhere. Am I missing it?


Not much of a deal. They sell on Amazon for $231 with free shipping.

I also can’t figure out the size. I’m 6.2" and don’t know if it’s big enough for me


Yeah ! Where’s the 29’ers ???


+1 to this. I’ve got a wife and a bunch of daughters, definitely could have been interested in some girl options.


Agree’d I am also 6.2"


Good deal NOT… $129 in ToysRUs


Everyone who works and/or is involved in Woot! is on this planet due to a woman. Did we take a time trip back to the 1950’s or earlier?

Why the hate and discrimination? Replying with, “Women can ride the boy’s bikes.” or “Some women like/are able to ride a men’s/boy’s bike.” or to put blame on the bike company is neither a sufficient excuse nor apology.


This is comical. The 26" Fireline on the event page is pictured as a Schwinn.

On Amazon, the product page of the Schwinn is pictured as a Mongoose.


Don’t waste your money on one of these. You’re not going to start riding and you’re going to end up selling it on craigslist for 20 bucks or leaving it on the side of the road.

If you want to get a bike, go to your local bike shop and talk to the sales people about your needs. Then buy a decent bike that will actually have some resale value instead of a mongoose.

No offense woot, but these bikes are trash.


are you posting this same thing over at the women only sandals deal?

double standard?


Indeed. There’s no way you’re getting a quality suspension (or other quality components, for that matter) at these prices. If you really need a cheap mountain bike fix, spend a little more money on bikesdirect.


Mongoose makes garbage. Beware.


If you look hard enough, you can find discrimination everywhere.

Woot! sells what their buyers find. In this case, the buyers found a lot of sexist pig bikes, so that’s what they’re selling. If you don’t like the way the sexist pigs that run Woot! operate, shop somewhere else.


A 26" 700c. Okay…