Mongoose Bicycles

i know absolutely nothing about bikes. even less about bikes for the malefolk. what do you look for? design? uh…suspension? cupholders?

srsly, i have no idea.

Great deal for a bike hasher! - I can keep my 1992 Bridgestone MB2 in great condition. onon

Well the fireline looks like a win, but upon further research… not so much.

My opinion anything that has more stars below three and I hit the eject button. I canceled my order…

Does it usually take awhile for an order to get revoked?

Yes, it can take up to 24hrs for customer service to respond, sometime a bit more if they’re swamped.

from what i’ve been reading, stay away from mongoose. unless you dont mind your bike breaking in a year or so.

They get stolen A LOT too!

It depends on what style of riding you do and how often. If you ride a few times a year something cheaper like this would do you well. If you are looking to ride your bike more often it would be best to go to your local bike store and talk to them and they will help you.

Probably the most important aspect of buying a bike is the fit. You can get some info online but its best to go to a store where they should fit you if you buy something.

Secondly if you like to ride on the road get a bike with no suspension so you don’t lose energy to bouncing unnecessarily. If you ride on trails probably don’t buy a mongoose and it isn’t going to perform very well and likely won’t last.

Also a very abstract rule of thumb is about $1000 is going to get a solid bike.

How about some women’s bikes?

That’s not really true. I bought a 2013 Trek FX Hybrid 2 days ago for $550 and it is more than sufficient. $1000 might be starting point for a good road bike but most people who are even looking at this would be fine going to their local bike shop and spending $500 on a Trek or Giant.

I ordered the Snarl a couple of weeks ago. It came with a bent frame and badly bent rear wheel. I’m having a heck of a time getting woot or mongoose to respond.

My take? Stay away from this deal and spend a little bit more from a reputable bike store…

There are two types of Mongoose bikes. Great ones(expensive), and these, which are “department store” models. These share very little with the expensive variant.

These sub $300 bikes can be good for what they are…cheap bikes. Good for just having fun, not doing sweet jumps or anything like that. Simple trail riding and A-B commutes.

There are different kinds of bikes for different kinds of riding. Within each type, there are recreational models made for casual use, enthusiast models made for regular use, and high-end models for showing off (LOL).

Most of the ones being sold here look fancy with their suspension and/or disc brakes, but they are recreational models. The high-performance-looking parts are, well, cheap. So they’re more about looking neat than actually working well. Even if they work OK, they’re not the most durable…a better bike uses forged aluminum components, but these will often have a lot of stamped steel and plastic construction.

Unless you know how to assemble and maintain a bike, I would recommend against buying one online. You need guidance from someone who knows bikes; hopefully your local bike shop has such a person. Get fitted. Tell the bike person what you want a bike for. Look for or ask about getting quality construction over fancy technology. Test ride the ones that interest you. Buy from a shop that has a reasonable return policy and decent after sales service. Most bike shops offer at least a free break-in tune-up; some might offer free one year or even lifetime minor adjustments (if they don’t need to put a wrench to it, it will be free).

These bikes are bad, stay away. I posted a ranting comprehensive review a few weeks back when Mongoose showed up on deals.woot.

Bottom line, you could go through 2 or 3 Mongoose, or spend a small amount more and get a brand that isn’t complete crap.

I would rate these bikes zero point zero.

Don’t buy one of these turds, I promise you will regret it. Unless you need a clothing rack. Feel free to ask for any specifics.

I bought one as a test to see if I could get motivated to ride again(it’s been 20 years).

Have taken it out on a few rides around the neighborhood and so far so good. A few more weeks of this(or until something breaks) and I’ll pick up something nicer.

I completely agree! When are female riders going to get a woot deal?

Good advice but even on a road bike you dont have to spend near $1,000.

Trek is the only local dealer. I got a great road bike for $885 (Trek 1.2T) & the best thing is that this shop is super small so the care is most excellent!

Another place to look is Performance Bike which always has great deals. I got a great Fuji for around $700. Getting their membership gave me like $150 rebate and their guarantees are amazing! You can order online or phone but bikes have to be built and picked up at the shop. Of course, service is nothing like at my Trek but is pretty decent.

these look like the ones they used in the 0lympics BMX & Mountain bike race… Are these better than those? These says they are Pro and I don’t think the olympians are just amateur-level competitors, not quite pro-level.