Moniker Mendocino County Cabernet Sauvignon (5)

2012 Cabernet Sauvignon, Mendocino County, 750ml 5-Pack
Sold by: Mendocino Wine Group
$68.99 $175.00 61% off List Price
2012 Cabernet Sauvignon, Mendocino County

Kudos for the back label shot.

$17 on wine searcher
For the under 50 set, 5 times 17 is $85

Plus shipping probably…$100 for five, HMMMmmm another underwhelming offer from the Mother Ship

WW .NOT EQUAL. MotherShip.
Shipping included here.
If you were more than a troll you’d know that, so get over it and move on.

Ok, I’ve not had my coffee yet, but I still get annoyed when this tab is compared to the others; totally different here.

Hello and thank you for looking at our Moniker Estates Cabernet Sauvignon!!

Tasting Notes from winemaker, Mark Beaman:

Moniker Cabernet Sauvignon is an elegant wine showcasing three clones - 4,337 and 191 - from Ukiah Valley’s finest southwestern exposed sites. From maceration to fermentation, we worked to preserve the wine’s tannic backbone: cold soaking the grapes for two days, pumping over the cap, and briefly leaving some of the lots on the skins for greater extraction. We chose a Languedoc yeast strain prized for delivering optimum fore-mouth volume while retaining varietally correct flavors, then blended in a touch of Petite Sirah for power and Cabernet Franc for a lacing of tobacco. French oak’s unique propensity to gather complex flavors over time harmonizes with the secondary tones this Cabernet Sauvignon will develop with age.

Only $10/bottle on Amazon :

I picked up some of this a while back at a dinner function. Its a very good bottle of wine at the price point.

When I put in my state (NY), it said 1-cent shipping.

It does appear to be the same bottle.

The fact that the Amazon price undercuts the deal here (at least at the time I’m writing this) is more proof that wine.woot is not joined at the hip with Amazon.

This is a rather big bummer!
WW should bring the price down to match per bottle.

If true, that is an insane deal!

Amazon adds $9.99 shipping (MI) for a 3-pack at $10/bottle, so Woot! is still a better deal. : )

Oops! Only 5 bottles here, my bad…Amazon wins. SORRY

Just checked, now it’s $30/bottle for 3 bottles = $90

Hopefully some of you pulled the trigger on that before they fixed their pricing problem.

Considered, but didn’t. Musta been I couldn’t get the one-cent shipping to work. :tongue:

Mods are earning their paychecks in here today :stuck_out_tongue: