Moniker Mendocino County Pinot Noir (5)

Moniker Mendocino County Pinot Noir 5-Pack
Sold by: Mendocino Wine Group
$68.99 $174.00 60% off List Price
2012 Moniker Pinot Noir, Mendocino County

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3 of those CellerTracker holdings are me. Drank two bottles so far from the June offering, it’s really good at this price.

Is this shipped with cold packs during summer heat?

Don’t know about the wine - never drank Pinot Noir.

Never been to Mendocino (or even west of the Mississippi river for that matter), but it’s a great song.

See merbill’s review from last time offered. Seems like a solid deal on some well made California Pinot. Missed it last time, got some this time.

If this was their chardonnay, I’d be buying it all.

No. Encased in styrofoam & shipped by reefer only until Fedex handoff (think St Louis).

I bought this the last go around. It’s a great wine and I would highly recommend it.

Bought this last time it was up. Just finished a bottle last night & was wishing I could get more. In for one! (Would get two but wine rack is getting full!!!)

For those lazy like me …

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