Monitors Are Important

thinking about that usb one…
though amazon makes me weary given the picture quality concerns (and the inevitable lack of linux support)

I bought the USB one and currently using it at work. Is there any questions you have in particular? One thing I didn’t know about the screen was that it requires 2 USB ports to power up. Other than that, the screen quality is just as good as all my other screens. There is a AC adapter plug in the back, but doesn’t come with the monitor, if you only want to use 1 plug. I use the other monitor to power a movie while I do my work.

Sadly bought the 20 inch one and it died after just 10 weeks. wont even power up

What exactly does Factory Reconditioned mean? I’m thinking about the 27" AOC I2757FH for gaming over the holidays, will this monitor last?

Factory Refurbished can be ambiguous, but the general definition is that it has been restored to factory condition. Manufacturer refurbished is generally the most desired as it was done by the original manufacturer using their specs.

Overall, I haven’t had too many issues with refurbished and I’ve bought quite a few things that way.

Usually, if something like this is going to fail, it will be in the first couple of weeks of use, so the warranty covers that timeframe

A “factory reconditioned” item was returned, inspected, and restored to fully working condition by the original manufacturer or a certified partner. And the original manufacturer stands behind it with a warranty. It’s as close to new as you can get without technically being “new”.

The 29 inch BenQ monitor that its $189 is only $10 more on amazon for a new one.

I bought this product on an earlier sale. I love it. Great price and I can’t tell it was reconditioned. It’s very thin and nice looking.

OK, newbie question here but does DP in the input spec section stand for DisplayPort? I just bought my daughter a new gaming PC and the only video out is Display Port so now I’m in the market for a new monitor.

You don’t need a new monitor. You need a Display Port to DVI adapter which is either passive or active depending on whether the computer has single mode or dual mode Display Port output.

As mentioned, you can use the adapter to convert from Displayport to HDMI - which will work on all the BenQ monitors. The other thing is if your daughter’s gaming PC has a upgraded video card, you will want to look at the higher refresh rates “XL” models in the 24 and 27 inch monitors size. These enable very smooth transitions for high speed games such as shooters or racing. The other “RL” gaming monitors are designed around strategy and MOBA games such as StarCraft II, League of Legends, or consoles such as the PlayStation or Xbox that operate at 60Hz.

Just an FYI, I bought the $299 “Famous Maker 27” 1080p IPS LED Monitor", the one with speakers, the last time it was offered on tech.woot. That was 12/2/13 and it hasn’t shipped yet.

I actually bought the same monitor the time before THAT, on 11/19 and it was destroyed by shipping. I shipped it back earlier this week. It was a damn hassle getting an RMA.

“Destroyed by shipping” seemed to be the common theme recently. After 113 Woot orders, I only had 3 shipping issues. All of them happened in the past 2 month. Since Woot does not have a phone number to call, and their email response recently is no where near “24 hours” as promised, I am now hesitant to buy any big ticket items from Woot.

Make sure you getting monitor with HDMI video connector and camera.
Old DVI connectors are no good and DVI cable is too expensive.
Camera is equally important. None of these old monitor comes with camera.

Huh? Built-in cameras are completely unnecessary and would probably not be used by most people. Not only does it save people money by not having the camera built-in but one could ideally find a better quality webcam that offers better functionality such as being able to adjust the height and direction, better mic, and better quality overall.

First off, HDMI is not even the best. You can only display up to 1920x1200 (1080p) which is fine for tv, but since people using monitors sit within 3 feet usually those using it for work want a higher resolution to fit more things on screen for productivity reasons. If you want better resolution, you will need to go with DisplayPort or HDMI-D. Hence why that fancy 27" WQHD doesn’t even allow you to input with HDMI. If you want to argue that HDMI carries sound, fine. Same issue with the camera, why deal with crappy built-in speakers when you can buy better stand alone.

Second, if DVI connectors are no good, why do all of the newer graphics cards have DVI outputs.

Also DVI cables are not expensive.

You can get a 10 ft DVI-D for $8.77 via Monoprice. If you PM me, I’ll even send you a $5 off $25 first order coupon. Monoprice 10 ft DVI-D cable

end informative rant

Im not so quick to put all the blame on woot. The packaging was lacking to say the least. This monitor has a really heavy base and was shipped upside down (or ass-end-up) probably by the geniuses putting the black lables over all the HP branding. The flimsy foam didnt stand a chance…top right corner of the monitor was shattered.

Was considering the HP ZR2740w until I looked at the reviews. Sad - HP used to make a great monitor and had great support.

I wouldn’t touch this thing with a 10 foot pole. Amazed that people are actually buying 2 - unless it’s in the hopes of ending up with one that actually works…

The reviews on B&H are quite favorable. Which reviews are you looking at?

Why - the mothership, of course!

The positives are great - the negatives (of which there are almost as many) are abysmal. There’s people on their 3rd dead monitor. PASS.