Monitors! Not Minotaurs!



A monitor for all occasions! What size are you thinking?


“They show what you’re computer is thinking!”

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My only experience with AOC monitors was a set of 4 purchased about 4-5 years ago. They were terrible and got rapidly worse with time. Cheap, but also not so great.

They may be better nowadays, but they were not any good back then.


Actually, two of these got pretty good reviews when they were up for sale on Monday. I ended up buying 2 of the 22-inch ones. FOR $9 MORE, WOOT? You couldn’t have waited a decent interval before lowering the price? These things haven’t even made it to UPS yet. That’s cold! Grrr. Annoyed.


I had purchased a AOC monitor and found that the unit was defective. There was a yellow to blue tinge from Left to right. I returned it to Woot and had them ship another unit. The second was also defective and this time the it was a yellow to blue tinge but going diagonally. I ended up purchasing a samsung 24" LED monitor from Costco instead. It cost me $20 more but I have a full 1 year warranty.


My 23" AOC just arrived – defective. What a pain in the ass.


that definitely stinks, and i’m sorry to hear that. contact the manufacturer & discuss options with them. if you run into any trouble or have any concerns along the way, please email so we can help you out.

we definitely don’t want to make an angry shark angrier.


Edit: Wrote to Woot support and the matter received a most satisfactory resolution. Way to go, Woot!


We had AOC displays at my previous job, and WOW were they TERRIBLE! The light bleed was bad, upper left corner was dark, and bottom right was brighter. Even when the screen was all black, the bottom right corner glowed a bit. The sub-pixel rendering was also terrible. I am a computer programmer and so look at blocky text on the screen all day, and with grey text on a black background, the left edges of the letters were always red. I switched back to a Samsung and it was noticeably better. You couldn’t pay me to take an AOC.


I’m not completely sure why nobody likes AOC monitors. Right now, I have an old 20" AOC - which I’ve owned for over 3 years - and a brand new 23" Acer sitting side-by-side on my desk. The AOC has much better viewing angles and similar brightness. I’d buy another AOC in a second, but it’s hard to justify the $80 price tag when you can get a brand new 20" Acer for $89 through Best Buy. I think $69 would be a reasonable price for a refurbished 20" monitor.


AOC is a really hit or miss budget brand. Some of their monitors are suprisingly good, others are horrible. The ones in the pictures appear to be the latter. The stand design is very weak, any movement on the desk or floor causes the monitor to shake. It feels like you are going to break the monitor when you try adjust its position. Very cheap.

To top it off, these go on sale for less at places like Microcenter and similar NEW models are a only a few bucks more.


I did the same, hopefully I will also get a satisfactory response from woot! Kind of annoying right, these haven’t even made it in the mail yet…


Great support from woot!


Glad you had the same good experience I did!

I received the shipment today (2 of the 22"-class), and already set up one of them. I didn’t see any undesirable features in the picture, in fact I thought the picture looked great. So far, so good.

I didn’t have any trouble setting it up – the pictures printed on the box flap make it easy to see what button you need to slide to allow the base to swivel so the monitor can stand on a table. No fiddling required.


To further my earlier point about AOC being hit or miss, today I purchased a 24" AOC E2460SW for $129.99 at MicroCenter. It is a great monitor that uses an LG panel and features very similar case design, much better than some of the other AOC monitors on display and I have used. I’d really advise the buyer to go to a store that carries these if possible and look at them in person before buying. Usually their ‘cheap’ ones have horrible viewing angles as well.


The place that I work at has a contract where they get AOC monitors, some low-end desktop, keyboard, and mouse from some company and we’re always sending back the AOC monitors due to defects. I would guess that of the 400 or so that we have under warranty, at least 300 of them have had to be replaced over the last year. Some of the replacement monitors have also had to be replaced too though, so the number could be much higher. I still have to send at least one monitor back every single week. These monitors that need to be replaced from anything from: the monitor constantly shutting off every 5 to 10 minutes, the monitor suddenly becoming an ultra bright whitish color (can’t be changed from the settings), the monitor just constantly flickering on and off like there is a loose connection when there is none, to them just not turning on at all. If I remember correctly, it’s the 20" model that we use, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the other models have these same shoddy manufacturing defects. I took a glance at the pictures, and it looks like they have moved the buttons from the bottom right to the upper left, they also look to be slightly thinner then the one’s that I deal with, so these might be an updated model but I can guarantee you that I will never purchase anything from this company ever again, regardless of how affordable their monitors are or how quickly they are able to replace defective devices.

If you are looking for a good monitor, I would recommend checking out Dell or HP. I have been dual screening with one of each of those for the past two years and haven’t had a single problem with either of them. I actually spilled beer all over the place recently, and it splashed onto my HP monitor pretty heavily and it looked like it soaked in there pretty well (the LED button changed colors for a few minutes) before I was able to wipe it clean and it still runs fine. I doubt the same could have been said if it was an AOC.


very nice quality picture but VERY FLIMSY and will probably break very easily; just touching the side of the screen makes it wobble.


I notice that this monitor is featured in this week’s Best Buy circular for $120, new.