Monitors Of All Shapes And Sizes

Anyone care to put some input in? I’m in IT and looking to get my home office up to par.

I’m really interested in the AOC 2269VW IPS, but I’m thinking it may be better to purchase that over at BestBuy considering it is 20$ more for a brand new one and 3 year warranty.

Also thinking the AOC E2351F 23" may be a better deal here. Amazon has great reviews and it is currently listed at 130$.

Basically, which monitor would you prefer… AOC IPS or AOC 23 LED. Any help would be great!

I don’t know anything about these specific monitors so I can’t say much, but I have three 27inch monitors, one 1440, one 120hz 1080 and one is a regular 1080 that’s nothing special, and i did a lot of research before purchasing having each.

the 27 inch he at 2560x1440 seems like a great deal. so much so that i was considering buying a monitor I don’t need.

that consideration was only based on the price, it’s low compared to What other names brand companies charge for 1440 monitors and, if I were really going to buy one, I’d buy another qnix 27 inch 2560 1440.

qnix is a Korean brand, like several other that you can find on eBay stores, that sell monitors built with name-brand panels. mine is a Samsung panel that is every bit as beautiful as its brand-name counterpart, for much, much less money(298, shipped, from Korea, and arrived in California in 3 days).

the biggest advantage for most, and why it is under 300 shipped, is that you can buy them with a single, straight toe the panel dvi input, which allows you to overlook the monitor and run the 1440 is beauty at 120hz. you can also buy them with him etc but they can’t be overclocked to run at 120hz

as of a few months ago you couldn’t buy any monitor like that, anywhere, for any price. I believe there is one or two now either out or on the horizon but they both have their problems and are 900+ dollars.

if you are thinking this sounds over your head, it isn’t. it takes no time at all, it’s safe and couldn’t be easier, thanks to an awesome community making software to streamline the process.

look at the Korean brands you haven’t heard of, that are on eBay stores, that sell 1440 monitors capable of 120hz for 300.

if you have questions or want more detail let me know of! good luck!

edited for clarity. I apologize, I typed this on a cell phone I am not familiar with and there are plenty more mistakes.

Same price, free shipping and new… for the view Sonic 24

[MOD: Different model number. Here’s the correct one.]

I had purchased an USB powered LED AOC monitor some months ago and replaced it with the 27 WQHD. I end up using the USB monitor for a server inside a server rack, pretty nice setup and doesn’t get hot.

All shapes? Where’s the heart or round one?

For what it’s worth, I bought the 27" HP monitor (1440x2560 resolution) one the last time it was for sale here.

Arrived with nothing wrong with it. I’ve worked with 30" monitors of the same resolution at my lab, and I was a little disappointed since I was expecting something that felt similarly “large” (3 inches didn’t seem like a lot), but the benefits to productivity and whatnot that the resolution gave were the same nonetheless. It certainly felt much larger than my 24" Ultrasharp.

The monitor itself seemed to run a bit hot - if you held your hand in front of it you could feel the heat coming off of the panel (Note the 95W typical power consumption). My main gripe with it, however, is that it doesn’t support 1080p input. While my desktop would always be native resolution, I wanted it to do double-duty as a monitor for my PS3. However, it refused to show a 1080p signal from the PS3 (throwing up an “unsupported resolution” error), so I was forced to use 720p there. My computer is able to display a 1080p resolution on the monitor, but I think that’s because the scaling was done by my graphics card and not the monitor itself.

It’s an issue with my specific use case, and it’s a beautiful monitor otherwise, but something worth considering if you’re planning on hooking up your game systems. The increased productivity from the additional real estate over a 1200x1920 resolution monitor is absolutely worth $350.

Someone mentioned cheaper monitors of the same size/resolution on ebay, but these companies use panels that did not meet quality control checks and were thus rejected by “name brand” companies like HP or Samsung, and you run the risk of getting a dead pixel, uneven backlighting, etc. with these panels - the listings on ebay usually have guarantees like “less than 3 dead pixels” or something similar. I personally think the extra $50 on a name-brand monitor is well spent to get the standard of quality associated with it.

I got the 27" for work, and was so impressed with it I just ordered another for home. Just remember you’ll need dual link DVI or displayport to drive it at full resolution.

If you’re using it with a macbook get a mini-displayport to displayport cable off amazon for cheap good picture.

I am curious what people think about the 90 day warranty on the viewsonic vs the 1 year on the hp. Product wise I know the Viewsonic is much better and I have had their monitors run like tanks for 7 years. Any one care to chime in? The resolution holdback, lack of on-screen menu and huge power consumption point to the Viewsonic for me.