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Let’s learn all about the warranty

The various pics with gear on them are great- but one pic with no gear would’ve been nice.

I could make one of those bike racks with a 2x4, some 3 inch screws and a few hooks ~$22. I’m good like that. :slight_smile:

nice rack.

Instead of mounting the bike rack on the wall, can it be mounted on the ceiling?

Silly little question…how did the polar bears get to Antarctica?


I don’t know, but those penguins are toast!

No they cant be because the brackets just hook on the top of the bar…Its a nice system though, I install them.

The bike rack capacity says it holds 200 pounds. Aren’t 6 mountain bikes heavier than that?

It’s six mountain bikes, not six mountain bikers.
While there are mountain bikes that weight more than 33 pounds, most don’t.

But the bar is diamond shaped…if you mount the base to the ceiling, the “top” of the bar is just a different side of the diamond.

Mounting to the ceiling, your forces are no longer in shear, so the entire strength of the system is based on the holding strength of the material you just screwed into at the threads. If you chose your mounting bolts poorly (for example, choosing to use the stock bolts), or chose the mounting location poorly (not into a stud or backing block), it will not hold much before being yanked out.

Manufacturer’s website and hype video:

In for one.

Is there anyway to get a tools/bike rack combo? That would be nice.

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Notice how all the bikes are the same size. What if they are all different sizes? I do not think they will fit so nicely unless all six age grown adult bikes or all kids bikes.

See the what the back of the hook looks like as it is put on the bar at 0.33 secs in this video:

I install these and you can put kids and adult bikes on at the same time.

4.2 out of 5 stars (26 Reviews) on Amazon:

Good tips on Amazon as well :slight_smile: