Monkey Bar Storage For The Garage

I represent the Manufacturer. Here is the link to our lifetime warranty!

So its hard to tell what exactly comes with each kit. For the sports kit, does the net/bag come with the kit?

I’ll say it again Woot… Skis and snowboards should not be stored in the garage. Snowboards should never be stored long term with the bindings cranked down either. The racks look like they could do the job, just don’t put them in the garage/attic.

Have to give Monkey Bar Customer service kudos. Woot shipped me the wrong bar last time they were on woot. Woot offered to return it, but I had ordered two different bars and really wanted the one I ordered. Woot was at a loss and couldn’t do anything. I emailed Monkey Bar and they responded right away (way faster than woot) and shipped out the missing components to make it the bar I wanted!! Fast, good customer service. Now I just have to mount them!

PS for garage storage of skiis and snowboards, Why not? Not long term mind you, but why wouldn’t you store your skis in the garage especially if you live in a climate where you use skis on a regular basis? If you don’t then why would you need a wall mount for your skis? Mine go on/off the car and get put in the garage, they aren’t coming in the living room! Now if you live in Texas, yeah, hot attic or hot garage wouldn’t be ideal for a winter product. . .

I represent the Manufacturer. Yes the net bag is included.

I dearly wish the camping gear rack was part of this sale!

I picked up the tool rack a few Woots ago and I love it. I have two bikes and dozens of tools hanging off of it now. I’m debating a second one, too.