Monkey Bars Garage Storage

Can someone tell me the difference between the “6-Ski Storage Rack” and the “51-Inch 6-Ski Rack” other than $10?

I think you’re on to something. Looks to be no more than a different photo angle.
Both have same model number - 3006.
I really don’t know how they’d be any different than the cross-country rack, model 3060, either.

Marketers. Who needs 'em?

Im confused as to why this is almost $70. Seriously, those buckets cost $3-5 and the metal is about $15-20 tops. Oh well, I guess another item for wasting money.

I almost sprayed beverage everywhere when I saw those prices (but I wasn’t drinking anything just then). I got sick of pegboard and after a little research and trial and error, the Husky Trackwall has been working well for me for both heavy tools and little stuff. Tracks are $7 each, easy to install, and the hooks are reasonably priced and heavy duty. The only thing that’s a rip off are the stupid plastic end caps that cost $7 for an effing bag of four…FOUR!

I bought a couple of these racks last year from a brick and mortar store. I like them a lot better than the vinyl rail system I had before, and they are far superior to the cheap stamped metal racks the previous owner had installed in the garage. The stand-off from the wall makes it a lot easier to put odd-sized tools up, and the construction is very sturdy. If I had room for any more I’d buy a couple. However, I’m already full up.