Monkey Play

Congrats tgentry. Shakespeare wins!*My ticket into the Shirts on Sale Sad Rat Race

“Tooned” in too late? Get It Here Tomorrow!

Chimp, indeed…wd TG.

Congrats TGentry! Great design :smiley:

Funny shirt. =) Congrats. =D

Well, this will be my first Shirt.Woot purchase ( I made my first Woot purchase from the Woot Off today ).

Great job Tgentry …

I love this shirt. I think I will probably buy it.

Monkeys=funny. In for one. :slight_smile:

grats, gentry! I’m thrilled to finally be able to buy one of your shirts after voting for it in the derby!

glad I stayed up!

Went for it. First shirt.woot purchase! Great design man!

Congrats, tgentry! I think this is my favorite design of yours. Glad to see the voters went for such a clever idea.

Love monkeys! Bought 2. One for myself and one for my 7 year old monkey loving daughter. A womans small might be big on her, but she will love it.

wish it said macbeth

Thats a great shirt and an extremely accurate portrait of my employer…

awesome! congrats travis!

Congrats, tgentry!!! I bought 2 tonight.

Even without the typewriters this is a great shirt. I’ll wear this around my two year old and teach him the alphabet.

that is different and funny may get one

A life lesson is that monkeys can always sell a T-Shirt as evidenced by my girlfriend’s vast collection of monkey and bananas socks, shirts, stickers, and stuffed animals. Hooray for monkeys!