Monkey Play

Yay for tgentry! This was my favorite. :slight_smile: Congrats on winning 2nd.

Thanks very much for the kindly response!

Here’s my entry this week.

This is my first shirt in a while. I’m still crying over If all your friends…
by findingthefourth ( not being shirted.

bwaha. thats funny. i’d buy the crap out of that if it wasn’t on black. but nice nonetheless. =)

Do these shirts run small?

Check your monitor? It’s brown.

thats the monkey who packs my bags when I travel. In for two.

You guys know how much I love monkeys

rad city!

nothing to do with todays shirt but ive been looking around for " alice paints caterpillar" and would be willing to trade or somthing

In for one Tgentry thanks.

Darn it woot! you guys got it wrong. It should have said:

Wear this shirt: If your friends cringe when you suggest a game of scrabble.
(We have a scrabble master friend whom we swear never to play with… “memorized the dictionary” apparently.)

Does any one know if these woot shirts run small, or if you wash do they shrink? I want to buy this shirt but would like to make sure of the size.

This is also my first woot purchase. Great shirt

Everyone says they run small. They may shrink, depending on how you do your laundry. I usually wear a medium, but according to the size chart I should be a small. I bought a small to test - too small for my tastes. But I like my shirts baggy.

sweet tgentry. congratS!

I wear a large, but buy an XL because they do shrink a bit. Just an FYI on the Men’s sizes… if you are shorter than 6 feet the shirts tend to run long (even after washing). I’m 5’9" btw.

As a math teacher, I look forward to discussing the Infinite Monkey Theorem with my students. This provides the perfect stimulus.

In other words: wey kewl shurt. :smiley:

Nice shirt. I bought one for my boyfriend.

Oh man… This shirt I need… <checks bank account> crap… $6… must sell body part for shirt. Anybody want to buy my shoulders? They are only slightly damaged!

I find it amusing that this shirt is the “derby chimp”.

Congrats, Mr.Gentry. best shirt of the fog