Monkey Prize, a Woot Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon (Half-Case)

Is this the most bottles that they have offered so far? Seems that way to me. I was so excited to order, I can’t wait to taste it and give some away to my wine snob friends.

This stuff better be good (I assume that’s what "Monkeylicious means) or el Wife-o is going to kick my ass-o.

Monkey Prize, a Woot Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon (Half-Case)
$59.99 + $5 shipping
condition: Monkeylicious
product(s): 6 2004 Monkey Prize California Cabernet Sauvignon

Detail pic:

quickest i’ve ever gone in. sad to not be first sucker by glad to get in on this

hmmm might have to give this a try…big fan of monkeys

YAY!! i’m in! wine library dug it alot!

I went in for three. I will be giving a LOT of this away as gifts this year.

Barrel aged 22 months.
Production: 841 cases
Closure: cork

Well, if they put the whole stock up, you math wizards should be able to figure out ahead of time how many woots are up for sale this week. :slight_smile:

i asked this in the last forum, but got lost. what is woot cellars?

ugh and thank you for posting the price and item. Okay…whatever hic LOL

so far i’ve liked most of woots picks so hopefully this will be good. im in for 1

I like monkeys… and wine! I’m in for one. Great gifts. Plus I feel I need to buy ASAP because I missed the bubbly from last week!

ugh and thank you for posting the price and item. Okay…whatever hic LOL
If we got this far…i.e. posts made about the wootwine item(s) for sell then we are aware of the price and description. Also as most wooters know the shipping is always $5

I do the whole ‘price post’ thing because after the woot is over, there’s no ‘formal’ record of the price paid for the product.

I hope this stuff gets here for my Festivus party on the 16th (and is able to rest for a few days).

Love Cab. Love Winewoot. In for only one this time…

I’m in for 3! Kiss the Xmas bonus goodbye! Who needs new suits, when you can buy wine?!?

In for two sets…was tempted to get 3.

I have confidence Woot puts forth decent wines as offerings–even more so when their name is actually on it.

I can see animal rights-ists getting all up-in-arms about the video…

but I thought it was funny.

Found on Winecentric.blogspot:

Not only a Wine Woot exclusive, it is made by Wine Woot!
88 PTS
A pretty good offering especially for the price. This bottle needs considerable time to breathe to shed some of the heat apparent on the finish and to bring out its ripe red fruit flavors. A worthwhile purchase and at the very least a great introduction to what is all about if you haven’t discovered the site yet. A solid effort.

Toasting the Cowboys victory with the Noceto Reserve Sangiovese…Oh, & I’m in for one…

I wnat to make sweet sweet love to your podcast.