Monkey Prize Wine Gift Bundle



I really wanted this. My state is so stupid.


since when do prices go up in the woot off?

for shame woot. for shame. sin verguenza.


that monkey was kick ass! I loved the woot cape :slight_smile:

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First post ever! :o)


Monkey Funky wooT wine


Some whine with that cheese wooties?


and also. i forgot to mention that i was waiting all woot off for this, since
i missed it on wine.woot.

my monkey heart is broken.


What happened to the forums, not woking on current woots??


I bought this just for the screaming monkey! How sad is that???


don’t trust the monkey!


I got one just for the monkey and the cape…I can give the wine to the hottie next door and see if she wants to play with my monkey!


well I got one, wish it would have had four bottles of MOnkey Puzzle for that price. I guess I shouldn’t take screaming flying monkeys for granted!


F5! F5! F5! F5! F5!!! darn it! Where’s my Broken Off Carrots!!


y’all broke the forums but you couldn’t stop me getting my Bottle Of Cabernet!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!


x 2


Gotta have that little monkey.


This quickly prompted some productivity at work on an otherwise normal Friday of Woot-Offing. The shop mascot got a makeover!

Edit: Oh and it looks better in person, the cape isn’t quite long enough to wrap around like the one on Woot!


I missed out on the WINEWOOT 6 pack earlier this week. It was 6 for $59.99 + $5. Now its 3 for $49.99 + $5. Yea I get the monkey and the box, but if the wine is any good, I just paid more. If it sucks, I got the monkey and the box to remind me

I did WOOT this one BTW


If its the same monkey I bought for my daughter, it will be cool. I wanted some woot wine and never got it. We now get a cool box to go with it.


I propose that woot sells the woot monkeys in the woot off!!!


I also bought this because of the monkey toy!!!

And because I work in a fine dining restaurant, I know a lot of my co-workers would want to try it and give an opinion on it’s tastes :stuck_out_tongue: