Monkey Prize.


Hey fellow Woot-ers or Jtoon if you read this I have a question.

Ok way back on contest #40 I won the screaming monkey.
Now what I was wondering is … do I really get some kind of screaming monkey, I am thinking a toy here not a real screaming monkey.
Just curious.
Thanks all.

***I would like to add that I have since gotten Photoshop and the entry was made using MS paint so hey what can I say.
" And the Screaming Monkey Prize finds a home at mesmashwoot 's place, for his jag-tastic, wtf-tacular mashup of Richard Simmons and the Titanic. One good calamity deserves another, we suppose."


Ok after perusing the contest winners forum – it looks the monkey prize is real just long in coming.
Ah well.
Tonite when I wish upon a star I will think of you monkey that screams and wish you were here with me.