Monkey Vs. Narwhal

Monkey wins - narwhal can’t fly or scream!

D’aww, that’s cute.

I would love to see this happen in real life, and I would love to gamble on it.

What happened to two weeks of ECs?

I should buy this to freak out the other muscle guys at the gym when I walk in wearing this.

From this angle, it looks like it could just be a poorly coordinated hug.

That’s a really big sea monkey…

they look like they are hugging

They did not redo the random shirt day even though it sold out in 31 mins… sad day. Or sad night… but at least this shirt is kickin.

Wow, that’s some hot monkey love action going on.

<3 Greg Abbott!

This is not a Woot monkey. Note: It is pink and has no cape. The Narwhal clearly wins because they are so awesome.

We’re all done for.

The monkey is the real monster. Look at its face. It’s smiling. It’s enjoying the fight. It’s in some sort of crazed monkey blood lust!

This flash animation explains why narwhals are superior to monkeys.

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I also like the pinkness of the monkey.

Definitely not a guy shirt.

The monkey’s on narwhal turf. He’s playing by the Law of the Sea.

Did they both just come from the optometrist? Looks like someone’s pupils are fully dilated.

Wait a minute. Does that narwhal have baleen? Do narwhals even have baleen?